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Horseback riding

Fyra ryttare på hästar i vattnet

Summer on Idre Fjäll

The experience of being up in the mountain on a horseback is something unique. We ride in western saddles on ponies and full-sized horses. The tour starts at our beautiful stable located just above the mountain farm at Idre Fjäll.

Young as old, beginner as experienced - everyone is welcome to ride on our fantastic horses with our trained guides.

Book Online, at the Reception desk, Pernilla Wiberg Hotel, Activity center or Bicycle rental.

Other times of the year you can also book riding tours. Please contact us via email: or phone: +46(0)253-410 00.

For designed tours, e-mail us via:


Morning tour
There is something special to be out when the mountain wakes, especially on the back of a horse. We ride a cozy morning tour in beautiful surroundings and eat pancakes cooked over open fire.
June 25-August 19: Monday-Friday: 08.00-10.30.
August 20-September 16: Friday-Saturday: 08.00-10.30.
Price: 750 SEK
Meeting point: The Stable.
Recommended age from 6 years.

Aske tour
A shorter tour for children. Together with a parent who walks beside the horse. You ride with a guide along the same track as Aske usually rides when he visits the stable. After the tour, the rider is invited to "fika".
June 25-August 19: Monday-Friday: 11.00, 11.30, 13.00, 13.30.
August 20-September 16: Friday-Saturday 13.00, 13.30.
The tour takes about 25 minutes.
Price: 230 SEK.
Meeting point: The Stable.

Try on-Drop in
Here you can ride a small tour with leaders.
June 25-August 19: Monday-Friday: 13.00-15.30.
Price: 70 SEK
Meeting point: The Stable. Drop in.

Mountain tour
Experience the mountain on a horse. A trip that is an adventure no matter who how experienced you are. Perhaps we encounter reindeer, an old bears den or climb the mountain.
June 25-August 19: Monday-Friday, 14.00-15.30
August 20-September 16: Friday-Saturday 14.00-15.30
Price: 600 SEK.
Meeting point: The Stable.
Recommended age from 6 years.

Mountain tour-special
Inspired by the wild west, we ride on an exciting long trip where you get to experience the mountain world from a whole new angle. While the horses rests in a forest grove we eat lunch cooked over open fire.
June 25-September 16: Saturday: 11.00-14.00.
Price: 950 SEK.
Meeting point: The Stable.
Recommended age from 10 years.

Burusjö tour
We ride between the mountains and finally we reach Burusjön with crystal clear waters. Here we ride through the water along the beach before we jump off and take a break with "fika".
August 20-September 16: Thursday 14.00-17.30.
Price: 1000 SEK.
Meeting point: The Stable.
Recommended age from 6 years.

Ryttare på häst i solen