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Horseback riding

Fyra ryttare på hästar i vattnet

Mountains and horses go well together

The experience of being up in the mountain on a horseback is something unique. Jump up in our western saddles and see for yourself. We have ponies and full-sized horses ready to show you the mountains. The tour starts at our stables, located just above the mountain farm at Idre Fjäll.

Tours arranged between week 26-32.

Young or old, beginner or experienced - everyone is welcome to ride our horses together with our trained guides.

Book Online, at the Reception desk, Pernilla Wiberg Hotel, Activity center or Bicycle rental.

You can also book riding tours off season. Please contact us via email: or phone: +46(0)253-410 00.

For designed tours, e-mail us via:

Our summer rides

Breakfast ride

Watch the mountain come to life in the morning as you ride through beautiful surroundings and enjoy a pancake breakfst cooked over open fire.

About the ride
The ride takes ca 2,5 hours. No previous experience needed.
From 11 yrs.

Forest ride

Ride through the forest and nature between Idre Fjäll, Nipfjället and Städjan. We ride through varied and passable terrain. The forest ride is truly an experience for the whole family - come along on a nearby adventure across a mire, pass an old bear den and through ancient forests with lots of history.

About the ride
The ride takes ca 1,5 hours. No previous experience needed.
From 11 yrs.

For the young

Saddle up and get away from the parents for a while! Our guide will take you on a ride through hilly and cool terrain.

About the ride
The ride takes ca 45 mins. No previous experience needed.
8-12 yrs.

Ett gäng på ridtur på hösten

Advanced ride

For the experienced rider who masters all paces. We saddle up our spicy horses and look for canter friendly terrain, climb forest hills and enjoy the pure mountain air!

About the ride
The ride takes ca 1,5 hours. Previous e
xperience needed.
From 14 yrs.

Mountain ride

The relaxed ride for the panoramic view seeker! We ride up to the top of Idre Fjäll, where you will see the Nordics steepest slope, the majestic top of Städjan, Nipfjället and way below, the winding river Österdalälven.

About the ride
The ride takes ca 1 hr 15 mins. No previous experience needed.
From 11 yrs.

Ride and bathe

The perfect outdoor mix! We ride towards Ostdalen where our sauna and wood fired hot tub wait for us. While the horses rest, we enjoy a nice, warm sauna and bath.

After a light lunch we saddle up and ride back, clean and warm!

About the ride
The ride takes ca 4 hours. No previous experience needed.
From 11 yrs.

Mountain riding Idre Fjäll

Horse & carriage

The kids favourite! Take the horse & carriage down to the ice cream bar at the High ropes course. Enjoy your ice cream on the way back. Your parents are welcome to walk along!

The ride takes ca 30 mins. No experience needed.
Max 13 yrs.

Aske ride

A ride the kids will love! Join Aske for a 25 minute ride in the forest and bring a parent to lead the horse. A light snack (fika) is included.

Aske mini

For the youngest! We stay in the paddock where we ride slalom and walk over exciting obstacles. Bring a parent or adult to help lead the horse.