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Mountain Meetings & Confereces

Conference at Idre Fjäll

Set the strategy and strengthen the team during a creative conference trip or kick off in the mountains. Plan workshops, lectures, and meetings in conference rooms with fun activities such as skiing, hiking, or cycling in nature. In the evenings, you will have the opportunity to enjoy good food made from local ingredients in one of our popular restaurants. We dare to promise that you will leave the mountain conference with lots of motivation, joy, and great memories.

To book conference, group, and company trips at Idre Fjäll, you need to be an association, organisation, school, or company with an organisation number that consists of at least 20 people.


Bring your colleagues on a company trip to our winter paradise. Enjoy skiing on our lovely slopes, go on a snowmobile ride on snow-covered mountains, try a summit tour or experience the mountains from a dog sled. You will definitely have nice moments together

Winter at Idre Fjäll


Adventure Package

3 nights accommodation in apartments with 6 beds. 3-course dinner at Pernilla Wiberg Hotel, lunch at restaurant Utsikten and a lunch at Värdshuset. The package includes a conference room with coffee, water and fruit.

In terms of activities, the package includes a 2-day ski pass and a summit tour on Idre Fjäll, including equipment.

Price: from 4320 SEK per person excluding VAT



Mountain Luxury Package

Stay 3 nights at Pernilla Wiberg Hotel with breakfast, a 2-course meal at PW Kök & Bar, 3-course meal at Kött & Fiskbaren, lunch at restaurant Usikten and PW Kök & Bar. The package includes half a day in a conference room for a meeting or lecture with coffee, water and fruit.

2-day ski pass and morning skiing with a guide are included in the package.

Price: from 4450 SEK per person excluding VAT

Summer & Autumn Packages

The mountain is one big adventure park! Challenge yourselves together and grow as a group. Choose what suits you from our wide range of activities. Go on a thrill-seeking rafting trip, hike with unbeatable views, or take an astonishing horseback ride on the mountains.

Summar at Idre Fjäll


Adventure Package

Experience comfortable accommodation in cabins or apartments for two nights, including cleaning, sheets and towels. Enjoy a delicious game buffet at the Wildlife Nest. The package also includes a half day in one of our conference rooms for meetings or lectures. Coffee, water and fruit are available to keep participants energized and productive.

The activity rafting with the Trysil tour is included, where you get to experience the thrill of making your way through the rapids. A light lunch is served with the activity.

Price: from 2780 SEK per person excluding VAT




Mountain Luxury Package

Stay 2 nights at Pernilla Wiberg Hotel with breakfast, 2-course dinner, 2 lunches and access to the relaxation area. The package also includes a game buffet at the Wildlife Nest. All-day meeting or lecture in one of our conference rooms including coffee, water and fruit.

The Amazing race activity* and coffee are included in the package.

Price: from 3330 SEK per person excluding VAT.

*A fun activity in a challenging environment. Do you want to strengthen the group together with fun, clever exercises or just have fun and compete against each other? The activity can be made physical, fast-paced and challenging or calm, strengthening and developing. We adapt to your goals and conditions.


Stay in the Moutains

Hotel or Cabin?

Our Accommodations

Dining Experience

Delicious Food in the Mountains

Our Restaurants

Conference or Meeting Rooms

At Idre Fjäll, we have venues that accommodate large parties and smaller groups, which can be customized to suit your needs. We are always available to answer your questions and assist you in choosing the best conference room for your purpose. You can easily contact us for more information or to discuss specific requirements.


Capacity: 280
Equipment: Wifi, projector, sound system, and microphone.


Capacity: 66
Equipment: Wifi, screen, whiteboard.


Capacity: 20
Equipment: Wifi, screen, whiteboard.

Saalbach A

Capacity: 12
Equipment: Wifi, screen and write board.
Building: Pernilla Wiberg Hotel.


Ready for a Mountain Conference?

Contact us if you have any questions or if you want help plan and customize your next conference. 

Email: konferens@idrefjall.se
Phone: +46 (0)253-412 00 

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Booking Terms and Conditions

For bookings for groups and conferences, our booking terms and additional terms apply.

Our Booking Terms

Wanna know more?

Great that you're interested in a conference trip to the mountains! Please answer a few questions here, and we will contact you shortly to plan your conference. You can leave the package options blank if you'd like to customize your package.