All Chair lifts + nordknappen + västliften incl. restaurant utsikten closed due to strong winds.
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Mountain meetings

Set your strategy on a mountain top

What do you get if you mix nature, movement and bliss? The answer is creative meetings - for real.

A conference in the mountains has all the comfort of your city meetings - and more. Switch whiteboards for horizons, coffee and sweets for activities and we dare to promise that good things will happen.

Tasty food an essential part of the experience! Between outdoor activities, creative meetings and some sleep, enjoy real good food made from our local treasure box.


Idre Fjäll is one big amusement park with many activities. Explore it together and grow as a team. How about wild river rafting or a beautiful ride through the mountain terrain?


Have a comfortable stay in one of the coziest hotels in the Swedish mountains or share a spacious cabin. Choose the accommodation that suits your needs. Whatever you choose - we promise that you will have a great time.


Ready for a mountain conference?

Contact our great team, specialized in creative and active mountain meetings. Let's start planning your best conference in years - here on Idre Fjäll in Dalarna, Sweden.

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