Trail running in the mountains

Our guided trail runs

Trailrunning beginner – 90 kr/person (free with the resident wristlet)

Do you want to learn how to run in more varied terrain? No matter if you are an experienced runner or not you can get tips on how to take your running out in the wild in a safe an efficient way. You can leave your car at your residence as we stay at Idre Fjäll.

Trailrunning intermediate – 90 kr/person

We go to Nipfjället to work on our technique in spectacular setting. This workout is suitable for you who have run in terrain before or have participated in the beginners workout and want to take the next step in your progress.

Never skip leg day

Supplement your running with a work out at the gym!

The gym is located at the activity center and is fully equipped.

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Run from the cabin

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Gathering place trail running

We meet at the square and from there participants take their own car to the running trail. The beginners trail running is at Idre Fjäll and therefore no car is needed.