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Trail running in the mountains

Turn your holiday into a running trip!

Run on hidden trails in the mountains and experience the feeling of freedom to travel light and fast. At Idre Fjäll you can run directly from your cabin out to the trails in on the mountain. 


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Running & Hiking

Trail Map

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Our guided trail runs

Introduction to mountain trail running

Experience trail running at a relaxed pace in easy mountain terrain, where our guide will teach you tips and tricks to safely and efficiently take your running off-road. We will take breaks during the run. Please dress appropriately for the weather, wear good running shoes, and bring water (preferably in a small backpack). We will gather at Aske's summer meadow but run on Nipfjället. Please note that transportation will be in private cars.

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Morning trail running with breakfast

Treat yourself to an active start to the morning with a trail run along the winding paths of the mountains. After the run, you'll be served a well-deserved breakfast that you can enjoy in the breathtaking mountain environment at Gränjestjärn (outdoors with wind protection).

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Find your mountain trail

Running trails at Idre Fjäll

Here, we have gathered some of our favorite mountain trails, complete with digital maps, GPX tracks, and route descriptions. On the same page, you will also find all the hiking trails at Idre Fjäll and in the surrounding area. Of course, these are also suitable for trail running!

All our trails and hikes (in Swedish)

Run in the mountains

Idre Fjällmaraton

Feeling like running a race in our magnificent mountains? Check out Idre Mountain Marathon!

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