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Dog Sledding at Idre Fjäll

Discover the adventure at Idre Fjäll, where cheerful huskies are ready year-round. Join them for exciting dog sledding adventures in the winter landscape, explore the colorful autumn mountains, or glide through the lush summer mountains on a footbike. Adventure partner Adventure Dreams offers thrilling activities for a memorable stay.

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Summer and fall

Husky adventures

Come and meet the Siberian huskies this summer and fall. Try footbike with husky, hike with husky or visit them at the dogyard in Höstsätern.


Husky Dogyard visit

The dogyard is located at Höstsätern, 8km from Idre. At the dogyard we have a pack of 32 sled dogs. In this activity you will play with the dogs, brush them, feed them and have the opportunity to learn about their behaviour and the different breeds. 

You are welcome 5-10 mins before the activity starts.

Day: Monday - Sunday
Time: 15:30 - 17:00
Please note:
the activity is located in Höstsätern: Grövelsjövägen 109, 79792 Idre. Transportation in your own car.

Price: Adult - SEK 600, children (4-16 years) - SEK 400. Children 0-3 - free of charge.

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Husky Footbike

For those of you who like speed and cycling! Enjoy riding a footbike behind a sled dog. A footbike is a crossing between a kick and a bike, so you can kick to help the dog run forward and you can brake to slow down and stop. 

You are welcome 5-10 min before the activity starts. Helmet is included. 

Day: Monday to Sunday.
Time: 10.00-11.00
Time required: About 1 hour.
Meeting point: Idre Fjäll, behind the Ski Stadium.
Age limit: minimum 12 years and 150 cm (height).
Maximum participants: 5 people.
700 SEK/person.

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Husky hike

Feel the power of a sled dog! During a Husky Hike you are tied to the sled dog with a belt around your waist. You get help from the dog and uphill becomes much easier. We walk together in the forest, on paths and gravel roads in light terrain. An activity that suits everyone. Children will hike together with an adult as our dogs are really strong and can easily pull 80 kg each. 

During the tour we stop and let the dogs take a break in natural water swimming pools.  

Day: Monday - Sunday
Time: 11:15-12:15 and 12:30-13:30 (other times may be available, give us a call/email to check availability).
Good to know: Children under 13 years old must walk with an adult.
Maximum number of participants: 6 adults + 6 children.
Price: Adult - SEK 500, Children (5 - 12 years) - SEK 250.
Meeting point: Idre Fjäll, behind the Ski Stadium. 

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Find & Contact us

If you have any questions about tours or activities with huskies, please contact Adventure Dreams directly.

Email: info@adventure-dreams.se
Website: adventure-dreams.se


Husky tours

Few things feel as magical as riding a dog sled on a cold winter's day. Come and share the joy of the husky with us!

Important information

Collection Point
  • The meeting point for husky tours is at the Ski Stadium.
  • The meeting point for kennel visits is in Höstsätern. You can get there by your own car. Look for the sign "Adventure Dreams".
  • Be there 5-10 minutes before the agreed time.
  • Dress according to the weather, it can get cold quickly in the wind when riding a dog sled!
  • It is not permitted to ride dog sleds with ski boots.
Our Dogs

All husky activities are always led by experienced guides. Our dogs are friendly and love to cuddle. Sometimes they may bark loudly, but this is just because they are eager to get out and run as they love to pull!