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Husky tours at Idre Fjäll

Husky tours in the mountains

Spend your summer with Siberian huskies on Idre Fjäll. Try footbike with husky, hike with husky, or visit them at the kennel. Book directly with our partner Adventure Dreams.






Kennel visit

Husky tours

Husky Footbike SEK 400 pp

Have you tried footbiking behind a sled dog? If not it's time! A footbike gives both you and the dog some excercise - you kick to help the dog forward and you can use the brake to slow down or stop. Helmet is included. Min height 150 cm. Max 5 participants. Mon, Wed, Fri 09.00-10.00

Husky Hike from SEK 200 pp

Hike with a sled dog! Connect your waist belt to the dog and you're ready to hike. The dog will help you uphill and is a nice companion through forests, gravel roads and trails. This activity suits everyone. We will also stop to let the dogs cool off with a swim. Children (5-12 år): SEK 200 Adult: SEK 300 Children below 13 must hike together with an adult. Max 10 participants. Mon, Wed, Fri 10.30-11.40 and 11.45-12.45

Kennel visit SEK 150 pp

Our kennel is situated in Höstsätern, north of Idre towards Grövelsjön. Come visit our flock of 30 sled dogs. You can play with the, feed them and also learn about their behaviour and the different breeds. One company per visit. Requires your own vehicle for transportation (8km). Mon, Wed, Fri 16.30-18.30.

Gathering place husky

The gathering place for the husky tours lies below the parking at Skidstadion (Ski stadium) at Idre Fjäll. Look for  "Adventure Dreams" signs. Skidstadion lies above Västbacken's middle station.

If you want to visit the kennel in "Höstsätern" you have to take your own car there (about 8 km from Idre). The address is Grövelsjövägen 109, 790 91 Idre. Look for  "Adventure Dreams" signs.

Contact information & booking

Book your husky tour or kennel visit directly with our partner Adventure Dreams:


Tel: +46 (0)73 048 89 83

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