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Orienteering at Idre Fjäll

Discover Idre Fjäll

Orienteering at Idre Fjäll is great, no matter your level. Enjoy the silent beauty of the forests and the mountains, that lets you focus on the map and the views.


Idrefjäll Week is a recurring event that attracts orienteering enthusiasts from near and far to the beautiful Idre Fjäll. It's a week filled with competitions and camaraderie for both experienced athletes and beginners. Throughout the week, participants can enjoy a variety of different races, including the Swedish Championships Ultra for Juniors, Seniors, and Veterans. The highlight is the Idrefjäll Classic 3-day competition, where participants are challenged with middle-distance races and a final pursuit start for certain classes. For those who haven't pre-registered, open classes are available every day.

An exciting addition in 2023 is the introduction of Precision Orienteering (PreO), which allows participants to test their accuracy and skill. Idrefjäll Week is an opportunity to take part in competitions, improve one's orienteering abilities, experience the beautiful nature, and create memories with fellow orienteers.

Idrefjäll Week is a week filled with excitement, challenges, and joy for all who love the sport of orienteering!

Learn more about Idrefjällveckan at their website

Terrain and Map Descriptions

Orienteering maps are available for purchase at the reception of the Activity Center.



In this area you'll find a mix of lovely mountain forests and bare mountains. This is wilderness! The terrain is moderately to very hilly and your orienteering skills will be put to the test in these varied slopes. Good visibility as well as good running terrain, with some rocks. There are vey few guiding features such as streams or tracks.

The map was made during 2019/2020 by Per Forsberg and Kenneth Kaisajuntti.


Bare mountain

This is an amazing area, where you'll enjoy orienteering on the bare mountain between Nipfjället and Städjan. Good visibility and running terrain, although partly rocky. Moderately to very hilly in some areas. There are few tracks and no streams. In clear weather you'll be able to enjoy the beautiful mountain views of Dalarna, with Städjan as the domineering peak.

The map is made during 2019-2020 by Kenneth Kaisajuntti and Per Forsberg.



Brunnan offers interesting terrain along the stream Brunnan. This area is especially suited for middle distance training. The visibility is good, the terrain allows running and is moderately hilly. Fen terrain cuts in between hills.

The map is made during 2019-2020 by Per Forsberg.


Idre Fjäll

This is a classic sprint area among Idre Fjäll's cabins. You'll run through villages, on roads and up our pistes in this hilly and challenging run.

The map is made by Göran Andersson during 2019-2020. Scale of 1:4 000.



Slättvåla is perhaps the most popular area. Enjoy amazing wilderness, with good visibility as well as terrain. Experience the silent and untouched nature. The terrain ranges form moderate to very hilly in this area well suited for long distance practice.

The map is made during 2019 by Kenneth Kaisajuntti.