Idrefjällveckan 21 - 25 June

Orienteering week at Idre Fjäll

Idrefjällveckan 2020 will offer varied, challenging and fun orinteering in our beautiful mountains! This year is about "five days in the mountains" and will be held between the 21st and 25th of June.

The organizer, Idrefjällens OK together with functionaries from different parts of Sweden makes the Idrefjäll week a great experience in the surroundings of Idre.

Competitions Idrefjällveckan

Day 1-2

Middle Distance and Mountain O

Run in the wilderness on the bare mountain. Moderate to very hilly terrain with good visibility. Newly drawn map 2019-2020. Afternoon start for day 1 from 3pm.

Day 3

Mountain Sprint at Idre Fjäll

Classic sprint between cabins and slopes with the finish line at Idre Fjäll Torget. Sprint map from 2019-2020.

Day 4-5

Middle and Long Distance

The arena is located at the bottom station of Nordliften and theese days will offer two different type of terrain. The middle distance is in the valley of the river Brunnan and the long distance will be held in wilderness terrain towards Gammelsätervallen. The maps are drawn in 2019 and 2020.