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New Year's at Idre Fjäll

New Year's in the Mountains

Start the new year in the best possible way – enjoy skiing in a fresh winter landscape, quality time with loved ones by a crackling fire, and lots of delicious food.

We believe the new year should be about spending time together, taking a breather, and gathering energy. Leave the planning to us – we're preparing everything for a cozy, moderately active, and mountain-luxurious New Year's celebration.

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Family fun, hanging out with friends, or me time?

Whether you're looking for a calm and cozy New Year's celebration with your favorite person or a delightful family vacation with a full house, we have suitable accommodations for all New Year's celebratory groups.

During Christmas and New Year's, we have different arrival and departure days to accommodate the holidays. Check the exact days in the booking calendar.

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Bild på stuga i solnedgång med utsikt över fjällen.

New Year's Eve, December 31st

Torchlight Slalom

One hour before midnight, there will be a gathering at Västtransporten for a atmospheric torchlight slalom under the stars down Pernillabacken. Feel free to participate or simply enjoy the festive show!

  • All adults and children over 12 years old with parental company are welcome to ski with a torch. Children under 12 years can join with their own flashlight.
  • Meeting point at Västtransporten at 23:00.
  • Torches are available while supplies last!
  • We start skiing around 23:30.
  • Hold the torch in your right hand, outside your body.
  • Maintain a distance of 2-3 meters from the skier in front of you.
  • Any candle wax or dirt on clothes will not be compensated.

Important information

New Year's Eve and Fireworks

Idre Fjäll will not organize any fireworks this year and strongly discourages fireworks on the mountain. Keep in mind that small children, dogs, and other animals can be very frightened.

If you still choose to use fireworks despite our advice, please consider the following:

  • Only shoot the fireworks at the stroke of twelve.
  • Don't mix alcohol and fireworks.
  • Never lean over a firework piece.
  • Be aware of the risks! Fireworks can cause fires or other damage.
  • Show consideration for other people and animals.
  • Clean up all fireworks after use.