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Children's Activities

Children's activities

Come and hang out with Aske, attend swimming or biking classes and try our high ropes area - among lots of other fun stuff for the whole family. The mountain is a big playground and this is all for the kids.

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Children's activities

Askes summer schedule

Join Aske for a lot of fun this summer! Aske has been given the opportunity to gather all his favorite activities in a schedule where you can participate. Join in on Askes Kompisjakt, eat until you're stuffed at the waffle party at Fäboden, or why not compete in Aske's bicycle race.

We have something for everyone, see you this summer!

Click here for the full schedule

Summer and Autumn

The whole mountain is one big playground in the summer and autumn. How about swimming, hang out with the animals at Fäboden, biking, playing mini paintball and meeting new friends in the adventure school?



Join Our Fun Kid's Clubs

Don't miss out on our summer vacation activities where we meet without parents! We gather three times a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) and spend three hours together each day (09.00 - 12.00). During our meetings, we explore nature, discover exciting things around the mountain, and have an amazing time together.

We offer three different clubs for ages 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12.

Even children who can only participate on individual days are welcome (at the regular price). Please leave a comment during booking indicating which days the child will be attending.

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Kids Summer Activities

Activity Area with Outdoor Pool

In our activity area, you'll never get bored! Here you can play, have fun, swim, and be together all day long.

  • Heated outdoor pool for both adults and children
  • Water slides
  • Playground (free)
  • Adventure golf
  • Multi-arena with artificial turf (free)
  • Two paddle tennis courts
  • Parkour course (free)
  • Outdoor gym (free)
  • Climbing wall (free)
  • Ice cream kiosk

Activity Center

At Idre Fjäll's Activity Center, there are plenty of fun things to do for both children and adults.

  • Bowling and shuffleboard
  • Badminton and table tennis
  • Sports hall for ball sports, gymnastics, table tennis, badminton
  • Gym
  • Playroom (free) and arcade game hall
  • Craft corner (free)
  • Café

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 13:00 to 13:30, Aske will visit and meet the children (free)!

Aske's Treasure Hunt

Join us on a treasure hunt! Gather your group and put your heads together to solve the clues and answer the questions. Aske's Treasure Hunt is a free activity for the whole family that starts at the Activity Center and takes your party around the mountain. Once you have completed all the stations, the staff will provide you with the answers.

Day: Any day you want
Time: Any time you want
Price: Free

Aske's Waffle Party

Aske loves waffles and invites you to a waffle party! We gather at Aske's summer meadow and walk together up to the mountain pasture where Aske has set up a lovely space for the party. We play, have fun, and enjoy a waffle together. Important to note: Please inform us of any dietary restrictions or allergies when making the booking. The activity concludes and children can be picked up at the Mountain Pasture Café.

Day: Thursday
Time: 14.00 - 15.30
Price: 195 SEK

Hike and Meet Aske

Our lovely reindeer Aske invites you to the forest! We gather at Aske's summer meadow and then go on an excursion to meet Aske in the woods. You can bring your own packed lunch and snacks when we find Aske. And you never know what Aske will come up with, maybe collecting pinecones or perhaps joining us back at Aske's summer meadow, who knows?

Day: Tuesday
Time: 13.30 - 15.00
Price: 150 SEK

Family Hike at Nipfjället

This is an easy and simple guided hike suitable for the whole family - children and adults alike. We will hike on Nipfjället, which is a very accessible mountain. The children will have their own guide and go on a shorter tour with fun and exciting elements. The adults will go on a slightly longer route on the mountain with a guide who will tell us about what we see along the way. During the hike, we will take a break at a nice spot for our own snack. Enjoyable hiking with a beautiful view of the mountain! Please bring your own packed lunch, dress according to the weather, and wear appropriate shoes. Note: Transportation is in your own cars.

Day: Wednesday
Time: 09.00 - 12.00
Price: 150 SEK

Family BBQ Evening

Join us for a barbecue evening at the beautiful Gränjestjärn. This is a free activity for the whole family. Bring your own food to grill or try making stick bread (pinnbröd). We will provide the stick bread dough and accompaniments. There will also be a quiz walk and other activities on-site. We will meet at the barbecue area in Gränjestjärn, which you can reach by foot. From the ski stadium, follow the asphalt trail to a wide boardwalk that leads you down to the idyllic Gränjestjärn, below the foot of Städjan.

Day: Monday
Time: 17.00 - 18.30
Price: Free

MTB School for Kids

Come and learn the basics and improve your control on your mountain bike or refine your existing mountain biking skills. Suitable for ages 8-15. The course includes two consecutive days. Bring your own bike and helmet.

Day: Monday - Tuesday or Thursday - Friday
Time: 10.30 - 11.50 / 13.10 - 14.30
Price: 420 SEK for two days

Askes Friends Hunt on Bike

Did you know that Aske has a group of friends? Aske has lost his gang and needs help finding them. The different friends have hidden themselves along our trails, and they have secret missions for us. If we find all the friends and complete their missions, a little surprise awaits. Aske is not present the entire time but will show up for fun and cuddles at the end of the activity. A fun activity for those who can already ride a bike with control and are eager for new missions and friends. The activity is without parents and suitable for self-sufficient riders who can get around the mountain on their own.

Day: Saturday
Time: 10.00 - 11.00
Price: 95 SEK


Badge Achievement with Aske

What do you need to know to become a skilled mountain bike rider? Test your skills and earn badges that demonstrate your abilities. Aske will also be there to see how you tackle the challenges of the day. Please bring your own bike and helmet.

Day: Wednesday
Time: 13.30 - 14.30
Price: 95 SEK

Children's Bike Vasalopp with Aske

A cycling race where all children can participate, regardless of their skills (very easy terrain). Different age categories and different course lengths. We prefer that only one person from the group, besides the participant, accompanies them to the start. However, spectators are welcome along the course.

Day: Friday
Start time: 09.30.
Price: 95 SEK

Children's Run Vasalopp with Aske

A running race for children inspired by the Vasaloppet. We offer different distances and age categories to accommodate all young runners. The course is designed to be suitable for children and is of easy difficulty. Aske will be present at the start and finish to cheer on the participants. We kindly request that only one person, in addition to the participant, accompanies them to the start. However, spectators are welcome along the course.

Day: Friday
Start time: 11.00 am
Price: 95 SEK

Children's Gymnastics

Welcome to children's gymnastics! There will be great music and lots of laughter. We'll engage in gymnastics with various exercises and movements for the whole body, providing an opportunity to make new friends while staying active.

Day: Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 13.30 - 14.30
Price: 95 SEK


White Water Rafting for Children

The Pirate Tour

HELP! Aske's chest, where he keeps his belongings, has been stolen by the wicked pirate captain! The pirate was last seen at a lake not far from the top of Idre Fjäll. Aske is asking for help and has promised that anyone who helps find the chest will receive an item from it. Aske can't quite remember what he has stored in the chest... so it will be a surprise! Can you help us defeat the pirate captain and retrieve Aske's belongings? Recommended age is 6-10 years old, and parental supervision is not required on the lake.

Day: Saturday
Time: 09.00 - 12.00
Price: 400 SEK



Meet the Husky Dogs

Husky Hike

With a large belt around your hips and a leash attached to a sled dog, you share this adventure with your four-legged friend during the hiking tour. Children under 13 years old hike together with an adult. At least one adult per child. Teenagers and adults hike with their own dog. Be at the meeting point 5-10 minutes before the scheduled time.

Day: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Time: 10.15 - 11.15
Price: Children 6-12 years old 250 SEK, adults 350 SEK

High Ropes Course

Do you want to jump between treetops? Discover your inner adventurer at Idre Fjäll on the high ropes course. For the youngest children, there is a ground-level climbing course that does not require booking and is free of charge. All courses are open from Monday to Saturday.

Green course: 4 years old, parents can walk alongside on the ground.
Price: 160 SEK

Blue course: 10 years old to climb without accompanying adult.
Price: 200 SEK

Red course: 10 years old with adult companion or 12 years old to climb without accompanying adult.
Price: 270 SEK

Children's Horseback Riding

This is the horse riding experience for children where parents assist in leading the horses around the stable surroundings and nearby trails. After the ride, we unsaddle and ride bareback up to the pasture located up the hill. If the little one doesn't want to ride bareback, you can lead the horse together to the pasture. Loan of helmet and safety vest is included.

Day: Varies throughout the weeks
Time: Approximately 15 minutes of riding plus time for briefing and riding/leading the horses back to the pasture after the ride
Price: 450 SEK

Meet and Pet Reindeers

Meet the tamed reindeer and this year's newborn reindeer calves. Experience the feeling when the reindeer come and eat from your hands, and feel the softness of their fur and snout as you pet them. Learn about the remarkable characteristics of reindeer and how well-adapted they are to survive in an arctic climate. Did you know that reindeer, in some aspects, have better vision than humans?

Day: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
Time: 10.00 - 11.00
Price: Children 0-12 years: 150 SEK, Adults: 250 SEK

Explore the Wilderness

Beaver Safari

At dusk, as the sun sets behind the treetops, we paddle out silently towards the beaver lodges.

Day: Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 18.00 - 22.00
Price: Children: 250 SEK, Adults: 350 SEK

Wilderness Day

We paddle together to our wilderness camp where we can challenge each other to make a fire, try air rifles, blowpipes, and more.

Day: Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 11.00 - 14.00
Price: Children: 250 SEK, Adults: 350 SEK


For the Youngest


At Idre Fjäll we have a fun and nice playground. Here, the children get full use for all the running in their legs. Do you dare to try the slide?

Welcome to the play park, in the middle of Västbacken at Skicenter Väst.

Activity Center

Play and eat ice cream

Many of our children's activities are held at the activity center – where you can also get ice cream. Few things bring summer feelings like playing by the swimming pool with an ice cream in hand.

Pool & play

Pool, padel & much more!

Activity Area


Idre Fjäll is a big winter paradise for the children. Become a pro in the ski school, join our weekly competitions, or play indoors at the Activity center. 

Family fun in the winter

Askes ski school

Become a pro in the ski school with Aske. We practise skiing and have lot's of fun and play while doing it.

Activity center

Welcome to our Activity center with lots of fun for the whole family. Indoor pool, bowling, shuffleboard, kids' craft corner – and much more!

Snow park

If you want to play around with your snowboard, skiis or twin tips you have come to the right place.

Children's After Ski

A few days a week children (and childish parents) have their own After Ski. We gather up by the small stage at the square, next to Solbaren. Aske will be there for fun and tricks. Weekday: Wednesday and Friday. Time: 15.30. Time required: 30 min. Price: Free.

Triumf cup

Slalom competition in Familjebacken in the West for all children. The course is simple and inspiring. Aske comes and runs the warm-up, shows the track and cheers . We compete in a run down the track, without timekeeping. Everyone is a winner in the Triumph Cup – diploma for all participants! Weekday: Thursday. Time: 14:00, 15:00 (for children finishing their ski school lessons 14:50). Prerequisites: Suitable for all kids and juniors who can ski the beginner slopes, age 3 – 10 years. Includes: 1 run in the course, diploma in the finish. Gathering place: Familjebacken. Price: 95 SEK/person. Registration online, at Skicenter Väst or drop-in från 13:30.

Friday's race

Giant Slalom competition in Västbacken. Compete against mom, dad, siblings or friends in the self-timer course. All participants ski twice and try to get as equal time as possible. We compete in three classes – children, youth and adults. Weekday: Friday. Time: 14:00. Includes: 2 runs in the course, prices for the best in each class. Gathering place: The selftimer in Västbacken. Time required: 1,5 hours. Price: 95 SEK/person. Registration and info online, at Skicenter Väst or at the goal house from 13.30 Fridays.

The children's Vasalopp

Aske invites you to Vasaloppet for children. Cross country competition for kids ages up to 12 years. In forefathers tracks for future victories At Vasaloppet for children the mood is just as high as at the real Vasaloppet and the cold bites your cheeks. You will also meed Aske, our reindeer mascot. The course stretches around the ski stadium, offers simple skiing and well-marked course. Participants can choose the course depending on their age and level. At Barnens Vasalopp is everybody a winner and get a diploma and blueberry-soup. Weekday: Wednesday. Time: 14:00. Prerequisites: Suitable for kids and juniors up to 12 years. Gathering place: Ski stadium, Idre Fjäll. Good to know: Parents can come along to cheer on. Time required: Approx 1 hour including price-giving. Price: 95 SEK/person.

Bob sleigh night in Familjebacken

Come and join us for bobsledding in Familjebacken. We play upp-beat music, lift is on and small challanges for you are ready. We ride in the piste and use the towlift to get up the slope. Snowracers/bobsleights from Stiga are available. Weekday: Tuesday. Time: 17:00 – 18:30 Prerequisites: Easy, for all levels. Includes: Rent of Stiga snowracer. Bring: Your helmet and warm clothes (observe that the helmet is obligatory). Gathering place: Familjebacken. Good to know: This is the only chance to ride bobsleigh in the slope and use the lift Time required: If the slope is busy we will take turns in using our snowracers. Price: 95 SEK/person (even if you bring your own snowracer).

Find Askes friends

Do you know Askes friends? Aske has lost his crew and need help to find them. His friends are hidden along our slopes, and they all have secret missions for us. If we can find all Askes friends and solve their missions there´s a surprise waiting This activity is for kids who ski with control on green and blue slopes and want to try the challanges Aske and his friends have prepared. Aske will be skiing with us the whole time! Kids should be able to stay without parents and ski on their own for the whole duration of the acitivity. Weekday: Saturday Time: 10:00. Time required: 1,5 hours. Prerequisites: You need to be able to ski on your own in green and blue slopes. Suitable for kids 5 – 12 years. Gathering place: The top of Idre Fjäll. Good to know: This activity is without your travelling companions and you master skiing on your own. Maximum: 50 pers. Price: 150 SEK/pers.

Aske visit

Book an Aske visit directly to your cabin at Idre Fjäll! Aske is our mascot, a reindeer that is all children’s favourite. He likes small mischief and enjoy vising people in the cabin. Great way to celebrate someone’s birthday or just enjoy meeting Aske. If you have any questions contact skidskolan@idrefjall.se or call +46(0)253 41232.

Become a pro

Ski School

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Playful weekly competitions



Indoor pool, bowling, gym etc

Activity Center

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Idre Fjäll is a big winter paradise for the children. Become a pro in the ski school, join our weekly competitions, or play indoors at the Activity center. 

The story of Aske

Long ago, just north of Nipfjället, on a starry spring night when the full moon was at its highest, a little reindeer was born. The spring night was silent and still when suddenly the forest lit up. A herd of reindeer slowly began to wake up, thinking it was morning. It looked like sunbeams and suddenly the night became bright. It was magical moonbeams that shone from the moon down on the herd, the rays traveled from reindeer to reindeer and finally stopped at the newborn little reindeer calf. The whole herd gathered in a circle around the newborn reindeer. That night they gave him the name Aske - the Sami name for moon.

Years went by and Aske grew up and became a big reindeer. The magical moonbeams had given Aske special powers - he was the bravest and kindest reindeer of them all. When any of his reindeer friends got scared, Aske always helped with encouragement.

Playing with the children at Idre Fjäll was Aske's favorite thing to do, and instead of eating leaves and lichens, he would rather grill hot dogs and drink juice. Aske wasn't like any other reindeer, he was friends with everything and everyone - from the trout in Burusjön he used to swim with to the lemmings in the forest below Städjan he used to play hide-and-seek with.

When the rest of the herd was out searching for new grazing lands, Aske always stayed at Idre Fjäll. There were always fun adventures around the corner here - like skiing, climbing, swimming, cycling, and of course, playing with all the children! If you're at Idre Fjäll and see the moon shining in the sky, it's Aske replenishing his powers. It doesn't happen every night, but keep an eye out, because you might also become even braver from the magical moonbeams.

Do you want Aske to come and visit you in your lodge?