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Horseback riding

Discover the mountains by horse

Mountain Riding

Nothing beats a ride in the mountains, with it's endless views, trails through old growth forests and the connection with your horse. This summer we have Icelandic horses at Idre Fjäll, so don't miss the chance to try the fifth pace; the tölt!

Our tours

Try riding trip in the forest

Are you not so experienced? Then this is the trip for you! We ride approximately 1,5 hrs. You will learn the basics and get acquainted with the icelandic horse. The trip takes you through the mountainous forest, marschlands and along narrow paths. Mostly walk, but those who the leader deems suitable might get to try the tölt, the special gait of the icelandic horse.

Half day ride

Half-day trip Our half-day trip is suitable for both the experienced rider as well as the well-balanced beginner who whish to try the icelandic horses special gait, the tölt. For those who want and dare, and the leader deems fit, we will also gallop. We ride trails around the mountain before pausing in a clearing. Coffe, tea, lemonade, chocolate, a cheese sandwich and a bisquit are included. After the ride we take of the saddles, brush the horses and lead them back to the pasture.

Full day ride incl. lunch and fika

To the top and around the mountain with gallop along the shallow shore of lake Burusjön. Come with us on a proper mountain-adventure on horseback! Our whole-day trip takes you to the top of the mountain where you can enjoy the views while challenging the terrain together with the strong and cooperative icelandic horse. We keep up the tölt at a good pace towards lake Burusjön, where those who dare can enjoy a gallop along the shore. A wild experience for the demanding and experienced rider.

Mountain top ride incl. fika

To the top, and around the mountain! Experience our spectacular views from the saddle! We ride to the top of the mountain wich provides a fantastic feeling for the width of the mountains. Afterwards we ride a partly steep downhill before exploring the special gait of the icelandic horse, the tölt. Maybe even a speedy gallop if the guide deem you fit. When we find a nice spot we stop for coffe, tea, chocolate, lemonade, cheese-sandwich and bisquit, wich is included. We ride approximately 3 hrs including pause. After the ride we take of the saddles, brush the horses and lead them back to the pasture.

Children's ride

A trip for the children where parents help leading the horses on the paths and trails surrounding the stables.

Horseback riding


Personer som rider på fjället.

About Our Horseback Riding Tours

We offer horseback riding tours for both children and adults, beginners and experienced riders. All riding takes place on friendly Icelandic horses, and each tour includes a briefing with practical tips, safety information, and other important details to know. Helmets and safety vests are provided for your safety, and an experienced tour guide accompanies you throughout the ride, giving you instructions along the way. For more information about our horseback riding tours, click on the cross above (to read more) or follow the link above to book.

The Icelandic Horse

The Icelandic horse is a sturdy breed with lots of personality. Known for their gentle and friendly temperament, these horses show great energy and willingness to work during rides. In addition to walk, trot, and canter, Icelandic horses also have two unique gaits: the "flying pace" and the "tolt", which is a soft and comfortable gait that all riders get to try out during the tour.

Meeting point

The rides start from the Stable. You can park at the Ski Stadium and walk to the hill to the right.

If you want to walk, you can cross Västbacken and turn right at Vildmarksnästet and continue past Fäboden.

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