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Experience the wilderness in the mountains

The mountains in Dalarna offers rough scenery, wild fir-trees and raw mountains. Discover the wilderness from a canoe or spend a day fishing. You can also go on a beaver, moose or bear safari. Enjoy the cracking sound of the fire and learn to cook over an open flame. Read more and book your activities below directly with our partner.

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All wilderness experiences are booked directly with our partner Idre Wildtrack. They also offer rental fishing equipment, canoes and more. Their activites are scheduled week 26-32 (June 28 - August 15) 2021 (more dates may be available upon request).

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Wilderness activities summer 2021

Beaver safari

At dusk, as the sun sets behind the treetops, we paddle out on beaver safari in a canoe. It is in the evening that the beaver is most active. We paddle out to our wilderness camp where we make a fire and our guide tells us about the beaver while we all enjoy freshly smoked whitefish in flatbread. When we sit up in the canoes again we travel as quietly as possible over the calm water to get as close as we can to the beaver huts. This is a tour for all ages - free for children under 4 years. Date and time: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6pm-10pm (18-22). Price: Adults SEK 250, children SEK 350. Price includes: Canoes, paddles, life jackets. Flat bread with whitefish batter, coffee and juice. Own transportation is required. Meeting point: Idre Kulturhus, Idre by.

Moose safari

No tractor trains, no fences, here we go out and search for the moose in its proper nature. Here you'll take part in a completely different moose safari where we take the car out to the most densely populated areas of Idre and search for the king of the woods. We make a short break in the middle of the tour for coffee and snacks. Price: SEK 2950 / 4 people. Meeting point: Idre Kulturhus, Idre by. Own transportation is needed.

Wilderness day

Wilderness Day is a perfect activity for the family who wants to try something new and who appreciate outdoor activities. We paddle together out to our wilderness camp where we challenge each other to make a fire, create tools and cook food over an open fire. In addition, there is the opportunity to try air rifles, lasso throws, shooting with blowgun and fishing. This is a tour for all ages and free for children under the age of 4. Price: Adult SEK 350, children 250. Included in the price: canoes, life jackets and wilderness food, sausage bbq, coffee and juice. Meeting point: Idre Kulturhus, Idre by. Own transportation is required.

Bear hike

Come hike with us in the bear tracks. We gather at Idre Fjäll square (Torget) and travel to Nipfjället with own transportation. We follow bear tracks and explore the winter’s sleeping area on Nipen slopes, we choose a good picnic area where we sit and scout (don’t forget to bring binoculars) while our guide tells you about the life of the Swedish brown bear. On this tour you will come close to nature and find out more about Sweden’s forest and the wildlife here. Price: SEK 250 children, SEK 350 adults. Own transportation is needed.

Fishing family day

Enjoy a full day at our fishing lakes. We will go to Larstjärnarna Fiskecenter where we can fish in seven different lakes for noble fish. We will try fishing with throwing rod, fly rod and fishing rod, and also fishing from the canoe. There will also be hikes and fun activities. For those of you who have fished before, here you can hone your techniques and get tips and advice on your particular fishing. Hopefully you will come home with the main ingredient for an outstanding dinner. You can borrow fishing equipment from us and we will offer barbecued sausages, juice and coffee. Price: Children: SEK 195, adults: SEK 295. Own transporation is required.