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Wilderness Experiences

Experience the Wilderness in the Mountains

The mountains in Dalarna offers rough scenery, wild fir-trees and raw mountains. Discover the wilderness from a canoe or spend a day fishing. You can also go on a beaver, moose or bear safari. Enjoy the cracking sound of the fire and learn to cook over an open flame. Read more and book your activities below directly with our partner.

Summer & Autumn

Summer Experiences

Enjoy the natures beautiful color changes in the mountains. Fish, cook over an open fire and enjoy the silance of nature. Welcome in the fall! 

Fishing at Larstjärnarna

An afternoon at the ponds called Larstjärnarna! We will transport us to the Fishingcenter Larstjärnarna where you will fins seven different ponds. During the fising trip we will teach you how to use both cast rod and fly fishing.  Beside this we will also arange a quiz and other fun activities. For those who have more experiance in fishing you will have the ability to improve your tecnique. Hopefully you will be able to bring the main ingredient back home for a fantastic dinner.

Regarding the equipment you will be able to borrow it from us when we arrive. You will also have to opportunity to rent a cast rod so you can go on your own fishing adventures. 

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Wilderness day

Wilderness day is a perfect activity for the family who wants to try something new and who appreciate outdoor activities. We paddle together out to our wilderness camp where we challenge each other to make a fire, create tools and cook food over an open fire. In addition, there is the opportunity to try air rifles, lasso throws, shooting with blowgun and fishing. This is a tour for all ages and free for children under the age of 4.

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Rent a canoe

Perfect for those who want to go on their own adventures, rent one of our canoes in the Sörälven or get the canoe delivered to where you want to start your adventure. 

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Beaver Safari

At dusk, as the sun sets behind the treetops, we embark on an exciting beaver safari in canoes. We glide along the water, surrounded by the long shadows cast by the trees. It is during this time of evening that the beavers are most active. We boil coffee over the flames, sample freshly caught smoked whitefish on crispbread, and visit the beaver lodges.

This tour is suitable for all ages, and children under 4 years old are welcome free of charge.

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Booking information

All wilderness experiences are booked directly with our partner Idre Wildtrack. They also offer rental fishing equipment, canoes and more. Their activites are scheduled week 26-32 (June 28 - August 15) 2021 (more dates may be available upon request).

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Wild Winter

Winter offers endless adventures. Enjoy bathing in the hot tub in crispy minus degrees, try ice fishing or go fishing with a guide.

Bathe and Sauna in Winter Landscape

Wrapped in reindeer hides, you'll sit comfortably on this cozy sleigh ride that takes you to a winter paradise with a sauna and hot tub. Bathe under a starry sky among pine and spruce trees dressed in winter attire, right on the mountainside with a view of Städjan.

Relax in the grill hut during a dinner inspired by local rustic flavors, or with a charcuterie and cheese platter. In the bar, which has a full liquor license, you can purchase drinks and snacks. Please note that dinner is only included in the Gold package.

Day: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday
Time: From 4:00 PM
Gold Package Price: 1150 SEK per person, 200 SEK per child
Silver Package Price: 825 SEK per person, 200 SEK per child

Mountain Relax can be rented for private groups for 1000 SEK per hour. Contact Idre Adventure if interested.

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Winter Fishing with Guide

Do you also dream of venturing out onto glistening ice on a sunny winter day for some ice fishing? Join our guide or head out on your own for ice fishing.

We tailor the fishing experience to the group's preferences and needs. Fishing can take place at a lake easily accessible on foot, or our guide can accompany the snowmobile group to pristine mountain lakes. Minimum of 6 people.

Day: On request
Includes: Fishing equipment
Price: 450 SEK per person

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