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Wilderness Experiences

Experience the wilderness in the mountains

The mountains in Dalarna offer expansive views, sparse spruce trees and wild peaks. Discover the wilderness from a canoe or spend a full day fishing. Join in on ice fishing, beaver safaris or some other exciting wilderness adventure. Enjoy the crackling of the fireplace and treat yourself to a visit to Idre Mountain Relax.


Wild Winter

Winter offers endless adventures. Enjoy bathing in the hot tub in crispy minus degrees, try ice fishing or go fishing with a guide.

Idre Mountain Relax

One of the mountain's best-kept secrets!

In this oasis on the east side of the mountain, under the open sky and with a view of Städjan, you will find Idre Mountain Relax. Enjoy an exclusive relaxation experience that is entirely private for you and your loved ones - only one party is accommodated at a time. We offer three different package experiences, but can also tailor your experience to your needs.

Contact Us

All Wilderness activities are booked directly through our partner Idre Wildtrack.

Email: info@idrewildtrack.com
Website: idrewildtrack.com