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Is your equipment in top shape? Get assistance in our workshop!

Ensuring that your equipment is in good condition and adjusted to fit you properly is crucial for a great user experience!

In our workshop at Sportuthyrning Torget, we can assist you with everything from adjusting equipment and sharpening and waxing alpine or cross-country skis to trimming a pole or fixing a puncture.

All services are provided on a drop-in basis, but we can usually assist you on the same day. You can find Sportuthyrning Torget's opening hours here.

We can assist you with:

Basic Service

695 SEK*

All components of the bike are inspected

Adjustment and lubrication

Test ride and functionality check


*Cost of materials not included

Full Service

995 SEK*

All components of the bike are inspected

Adjustment and lubrication

Cleaning and degreasing of drivetrain

Cleaning and degreasing of wheels and disc brakes

Test ride and functional check


*Cost of materials is not included.

Tire & Inner Tube

Puncture/inner tube replacement including materials 329 SEK/tire

Tire change 200 SEK/tire



Cleaning including degreasing and lubrication 499 SEK

Gears & Drivetrain

Gear adjustment, front and rear derailleur 299 SEK

Gear cable replacement + adjustment including materials 349 SEK

Chain replacement including adjustment 349 SEK


Brake adjustment 249 SEK

Brake cable replacement + adjustment including materials 299 SEK

Brake pad replacement including materials 299 SEK

Brake bleeding 369 SEK per brake

Feeling like trying something new?

With us, you can rent everything from cross-country poles and skis to canoes and e-bikes.

Rent your equipment with us