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Search tips for booking accommodation

Based on our most common exchange days and our seasons, both of which are listed below, search for available accommodations for your vacation

Changeover days at Idre Fjäll

Full week

Sunday - Sunday
Saturday - Saturday
Friday - Friday


Wednesday - Saturday
Thursday - Sunday

Short week

Saturday - Wednesday
Sunday - Thursday

Pernilla Wiberg Hotel & Camping Renen

Sunday - Sunday
Thursday - Sunday
Sunday - Thursday

Different changeover days

During Christmas, New Year, and Easter, we have different changeover days. Please search for the arrival and departure dates below to find accommodation during the major holidays.

Christmas week: Thursday - Thursday, Friday - Friday
New Year's week: Thursday - Thursday, Friday - Friday
Easter week: Saturday - Saturday, Sunday - Sunday

Seasons at Idre Fjäll

Spring 2023

April 17 - June 16.

Summer 2023

June 17 - August 13.

Late summer 2023

August 14 - August 27.

Fall 2023

August 28 - September 17.

Pre season 2023

October 16 - December 17.

Winter 2023/2024

December 18 - April 7.