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Our history

The communal madness

It all started in 1965 when local enthusiasts got together and convinced Idre municipality to establish a foundation together with Friluftsfrämjandet. The dream was to create jobs in tourism and a wild journey begun. 

The idea was to build a ski resort at the mountain Gränjesvålen. Among some skeptical locals, the project was namned " the communal madness", but the dream came true. Since 1968 Idre Fjäll has developed into one of Sweden's most popular ski resorts. 


Important years

1965 - Idre municipality (now Älvdalens municipality) and Friluftsfrämjandet establish a foundation in order to create jobs and halt depopulation.

1968 - The grand opening of Gränjesvålens Friluftsanläggningar (now Idre Fjäll) with 2 lifts, 2 small cafés and 20 cottages.

1971 - The opening of the first restaurant and also indoor pool, kid's pool and a mini golf course.

1979 - Idre Fjäll built the first snowmaking system! The same year we opened the 25 m outdoor pool and the grocery store (now ICA).

1985 - 1997

Wet, steep and sad goodbyes

1985 -We finally got our own genuine mountain farm with animals and possibilities to show old farming traditions. This was very popular among all our guests during the summer - especially the youngest ones. 

1986-87 - The Activity center and indoor pool grew with a very appreciated water park. More cottages are built as well.

1995 - The enthusiasts and hosts, Inga-Lill och Ingemar Axelsson resign after 28 magnificent years.

1997 - More lifts and pistes are built. Chocken opens - Swedens steepest piste with a gradient of 46 degrees. Speed skiing competitions takes place and speeds over 200 km/h are recorded.


Pernilla, top restaurant and Aske

1999 - Aske is born! 50 spacious apartments are built.

2003 - Famous Norwegian cross country skier Björn Dählie finished his house and Pernilla Wiberg opens her hotel. A new chairlift, Väst-6:an is built and Idre Fjäll celebrates 35 years.

2008 - On the north side a new, six-seated chairlift is built. A new 7.5 km lit cross country track opens.

2011 - The biggest investment, 74,5 million SEK is made. The pistes on the east side of Idre Fjäll got a facelift and a six-seated charlift was built for better access to our lovely restaurant at the top. 

2015 - The first charging post for electrical cars is here. The ski stadium is rebuilt and Idre Fjäll is one of few resorts that can host skiathlon competitions. We also reach FIS standard for slalom competitions for men.