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Kött och Fiskbaren is located at the midst of Torget (the Square). You can look forward to fantastic food with some local gems and an overall great food experience. 


June 17 - December 17

Closed for the season.

December 18 - April 7

Monday 17.00 - 23.00
Tuesday 17.00 - 23.00
Wednesday 17.00 - 23.00
Thursday 17.00 - 23.00
Friday 17.00 - 23.00
Saturday 17.00 - 23.00
Sunday 17.00 - 23.00

Find us

Phone 0703 - 30 45 06

Email kottochfiskbaren@idrefjall.se

Address Idre Fjäll, 790 91, Idre
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Book a table

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Dinner at Kött & Fiskbaren

Choose your main!

At Kött & Fiskbaren, we always serve the daily meat and fish specialties (the butcher's recommendations and the catch of the day). You can choose the main ingredient yourself from the chalkboards in the restaurant and select a few side dishes from the menu. We also offer a number of fixed main courses, please see the menu.

Winter 2022/2023


See Kött och Fiskbarens menu ➚

More than 10 people

Are you a larger group?

Groups of over 10 people cannot be booked online and must be booked directly with the restaurant. For groups over 10 people, our group menu applies. Booking and menu selection must be made at least 3 days in advance.

Please contact the restaurant by phone at 0703 - 30 45 06 or email at kottochfiskbaren@idrefjall.se

Kött & Fiskbaren Lounge

Craving for some cozy relaxation in the premium version? Welcome to Kött & Fiskbaren Lounge, perhaps the perfect mountain bar? Settle down in one of the armchairs in front of the fireplace and enjoy a glass of your choice, something delicious to eat, and a stunning view of the mountains. You can order food from our regular restaurant menu.

Kött & Fiskbaren Lounge

Opening hours

Closed for the season

Reopens on December 18th