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Enjoy a magical summer

The adventure awaits in the mountains: hiking, cycling, rafting, horseback riding, golf, meet with Samí and reindeers, beaver safari or a thrilling experience in our high ropes area. Enjoy an active summer vacation at Idre Fjäll filled with fun things to do for the whole family - adventurous as well as relaxing in the Swedish wilderness. 

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Hotel or cabin?


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More than 60 activities

Activity schedule

The schedule of all our summer activities 2023 is coming. 

Our most popular summer activities

Bike through enchanted forests, hike in the mountains, or challange yourself in our high ropes area. Try one of our most popular activities this summer.

Hike our mountain trails


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Downhill or cross country?


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Golf in the mountains


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Icelandic horses

Horseback riding

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High ropes area or river rafting?


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Wilderness experiences, Sámi culture and husky adventures

Hang out with dog friends, try beaver safari, meet the reindeers and learn about Sámi culture. The wilderness is waiting for you!

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Wilderness experiences

Into the wild

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Learn more about Sámi culture and reeinders

Sámi culture

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Siberian husky

Husky adventures

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Running, training and the joy of movement

Start your day with a yoga session or run with magnificent mountain views.

Yoga and water aerobics


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Run in the mountains

Trail running

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August 20, 2022

Idre Fjällmaraton

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For the kids

Let the kids create unforgettable summer memories. Playtime in the pool, fun moments in our popular summer schools and cozy times with the animals at Fäboden

Family fun

Children's activities

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Meet the animals at Fäboden


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Indoor pool, bowling etc

Activity Center

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Padel, outdoor pool, parkour etc


We have lots of new summer activities at Idre Fjäll. Padel courts, outdoor gym. adventure golf, parkour, new outdoor pool and much more.

More at Idre Fjäll

Prepare for your summer stay – book accommodation, buy your trail pass and take a look at the restaurants delicious menus.

Maps over Idre Fjäll


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Buy your trail pass online

Trail pass

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Eat and drink


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