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A magical music & nature experience

The Norén Brothers at Idre Fjäll

A Musical Journey on August 8-10 🎶

Three unique concerts combined with a spectacular mountain setting.
Welcome to a weekend filled with magical moments and unforgettable memories at Idre Fjäll! We proudly present our exclusive concert and nature experience with the Norén Brothers, where music and the beauty of the mountains blend together in a unique symphony.

Magical Music Experiences

Three fantastic concerts with the Norén Brothers await to enchant you. But you won't just be a spectator; you're an active participant, singing along with the Norén Brothers in a choir experience as heartwarming as it is magical.

Nature Adventures

Throughout the weekend you are also invited to experience the magical nature surrounding us. Explore the wonders of nature and breathe in the fresh mountain air with your loved ones. Summer at Idre Fjäll is filled with adventures for both young and old.

Inspiring Workshops

Your participation goes beyond being a spectator—join inspiring workshops and interact with the Norén Brothers. Here, not only music is created; here, community and magic come to life.

Moreau to Idre Fjäll!

On the 9th of August, we have the pleasure of welcoming the charming band Moreau to Idre Fjäll! The band Moreau achieved their breakthrough in TV4's acclaimed series "Bröderna Noréns Underbara Resa," where the then 14-year-old Theo Moreau, along with the band, charmed and captivated viewers with their musicality and strong expression.

Following their success on TV, Moreau has performed with Viktor Norén at several venues around the country, drawing large audiences to their own concerts, both locally and at iconic venues like Nalen in Stockholm. Most recently, they were seen at Cirkus when they participated in an evening of tribute to Pugh Rogefeldt. With more live performances planned for the summer and a debut album on the horizon, Moreau is ready to continue their musical journey.

The band Moreau consists of Theo Moreau (Vocals/Guitar), his father Erik Moreau (Banjo/Guitar), uncle Gustav Moreau (Guitar), and Gabriel Fong (Double Bass).

"I have been active in the music industry for 20 years but have never experienced such pure and raw talent as Theo Moreau and his family."

Viktor Norén

When is it?

8th to 10th August 2024

A detailed program will be announced as we approach the event!

How much does it cost?

Price for Event Ticket

Three days of concerts, nature experiences & workshops

Adults: SEK 1995
Children 8-15 years: SEK 995
Children 0-7 years: SEK 95

How do I book?

To secure your spot at this unique event, start by booking your accommodation at Idre Fjäll. Tickets for the event are only available as an add-on to your accommodation if you book thursday to sunday week 32. The number of tickets can be selected during the step where you add your accommodation to the cart.

Special Bookings

Group Bookings

Purchase of tickets for larger groups is done via group@idrefjall.se.

Cabin Owners

The purchase of tickets for cabin owners at Idre Fjäll is done through the ownership portal.

Local resident, Älvdalen municipality

The purchase of tickets for local residents in Älvdalen municipality is done through the reception at Idre Fjäll. At the time of purchase, proof of registered address is required for all tickets.

Property Owners at Idre Fjäll (without ownership deal)

The purchase of tickets for property owners at Idre Fjäll without an ownership deal is done through the reception at Idre Fjäll. At the time of purchase, proof of ownership (deed) for the property must be presented.


Example prices for accommodation

Accommodation in Gammelbyn

Book accommodation in Gammelbyn

6-bed cottage in Gammelbyn

From 494 kr

The price is per person and applies to a fully occupied cottage during the period 8-11 August 2024.

In our oldest cottage village, Gammelbyn, you will stay in charming log cabins equipped with everything you need for an affordable mountain holiday.


Example prices for accommodation

Accommodation in Ski Apartments

Book accommodation in Ski Apartments

4-bed apartment in Ski Apartments

From 800 kr

The price is per person and applies to a fully occupied apartment during the period 8-11 August 2024.

Idre Ski Apartments are our hotel room apartments located right in the center. The apartments can accommodate up to 4 people and are modern and comfortably furnished.


Example prices for accommodation

Accommodation in Centrumbyn

Book accommodation in Centrumbyn

6-bed apartment in Centrumbyn

From 860 kr

The price is per person and applies to a fully occupied apartment during the period 8-11 August 2024.

In Centrumbyn, you live just as the name suggests – right in the center. Here, you get a cozy and well-equipped accommodation with a magical view of the Swedish and Norwegian mountain world.