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Can we tell you a secret?

There's a reason we have chosen to live here. The mountain is an ever changing place for activity and rapture.  Harsh and challenging, peaceful and quiet. And of course, stunningly beautiful.

We shouldn't keep this secret to ourselves - welcome to the mountains and welcome to Idre Fjäll.

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How are we open this summer?

We currently await updated recommendations from Swedish authorities regarding summer travels. We will release activities and opening hours as soon as we know the pre-conditions. We'll update info here and on our social media platforms shortly.   

Summer Mountains

We have started to daydream about the summer. The days are long, the nights are bright and the adventure opportunities are endless. The mountains offers golden sunsets and everything is possible. In summer, you can find the wild and the calm in one. Imagine a bike ride down winding trails with the mountain horizon as your scenery, or to fish in the wild river. Run on hidden paths or explore the mountain in a more peaceful pace. Everything is possible when it’s summer in the mountains.

Why come to Idre Fjäll?