Experience the sámi culture

Learn more about the sámi culture

Enrich the summer with new knowledge! Reindeers are magnificent creatures who have wandered the Swedish mountains for many thousand years. To see them close up is a memorable experience. At Renbiten in Storsätern, Grövelsjön, you get to know more about the reindeer about sámi culture and history.

Meet the reindeer

Meet our tame reindeer and this years calf. Have them eat from your hand and feel their soft mules.

Learn all about this amazing animal and how it has adjusted to the arctic climate. 

Tues-Fri at 10-11am

Price: SEK 140 pp

Walk with reindeers.

Walk through the beautiful old forest together with the reindeers. Experience ant-hills as high as yourself and thick lichen hanging from the trees. 

A favourite tour for the whole family. A ”Sami snack” is included as well as stories of our culture and the reindeer herding life.

Tues & Thurs at 14-16.

Price: adults SEK 390, children 6-12 yrs SEK 250, children 3-5 yrs SEK 150

Ol Antas goathi

In the early 1900's Ol Anta was stationed on the west side of Grövelsjön to watch the Norwegiand border. We will visit his Sami hut - goathi - and be fascinated by the life he led there. 

In the summer of 2016 we found another old settlement together with an archaeologist, that we will also visit. 

Wednesdays at 13-16.
Price: SEK 390 pp

Maadther Ajjas sommarviste

Enjoy a magical experiende, where you learn about the historic life with reindeers. We go to great grandfathers summer goathi/hut, where he lived with his 10 children, farmhands and dogs. We enjoy a sami meal and coffee prepared on the fire. 

The hike takes about 30 min (one way).

Mon at 14-18

Price: adults SEK 550, children 6-12 yrs SEK 295

Taste of sápmi

Experience the sami kitchen!

During 3 hours we tell stories about the fascinating Sami food culture, while you enjoy a 4 course meal cooked over the open fire. 

A dinner and an experience to remember! You can also spend the night in a hut afterwards, for SEK 1000 per hut.

Wed & Fri at 18.00
Price: adults SEK 890, children up to 12 yrs SEK 445.

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