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Experience Sámi Culture

Create beautiful memories together with Sami people and reindeer in Grövelsjön. At Renbiten, you can meet and pet reindeer or even go on a hike with them – an amazing experience for both children and adults. Read more about our experiences below and book directly with Renbiten.

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Experience the Sámi culture in the winter

Give winter an extra sparkling feeling and go meet Sámi people and reindeer in Grövelsjön, Idre. Experience the sensation of the reindeer's soft muzzle eating from your hand or warm yourself up with a cup of Sámi coffee. At Renbiten, you will learn more about Sámi culture, the eight seasons, and the life of a reindeer herder.

About Renbiten

Renbiten is a Sami family business located in Grövelsjön, north of Idre, operated by Peter and Helena Andersson, who are one of the four families collaborating in the Idre Sami village - the southernmost Sami village in Sweden.

Renbiten is situated in Storsätern, near Grövelsjön, surrounded by stunning mountain nature and roadless areas bordering Norway.

The journey from Idre Fjäll to Renbiten takes approximately 45 minutes by car. You will need to use your own car to get to and from Renbiten. Renbiten offers both a café and a shop for those who want to enjoy coffee and buy reindeer meat, reindeer hides, handicrafts, or perhaps freshly caught fish to take home.

Find & Contact Us

You'll find Renbiten in Grövelsjön, approximately 40 kilometers from Idre Fjäll.

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E-Email info@renbiten.se
Phone +4670 - 577 93 76
Website renbiten.se