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Experience Sámi Culture

Create beautiful memories together with the Sámi people and reindeer in Grövelsjön. At Renbiten, you can meet and pet reindeer, or even go on a hike with them - an amazing experience for both children and adults. Learn more about our experiences below and book directly at Renbiten.

Summer and Autumn

Meet Sámi people and reindeer

Get up close and meet real reindeer this summer and autumn in Grövelsjön, Idre. Pet them, feed them, and take the opportunity to learn about the authentic Sami culture. If you want to experience something extraordinary, choose Taste of Sápmi - a Sami dinner over an open fire, which is also offered with overnight accommodation in a traditional Sami hut called a "kåta."

Summer and Autumn

Meet the reindeer

Pet and feed the tamed reindeer and this year's newborn reindeer calves. Experience the joy as the reindeer come and eat from your hands, and feel how soft their fur and muzzle are when you stroke them. It's a wonderful activity for children!

Learn about the amazing characteristics of reindeer and how well adapted they are to survive in an Arctic climate. Did you know that reindeer, in some aspects, have better eyesight than us humans?

Day: Monday
Time: 10:00-11:00
Price: 250 SEK/adult, 150 SEK/child aged 2-12
Meeting point: Renbiten Shop in Storsätern

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Summer and Autumn

Walk with reindeers

Walk together with reindeer in the ancient forest, where the ant hills are as tall as yourself and the lichen hangs thick from the tree trunks.

A favorite tour for both adults and children. We have no specific destination; instead, we wander around, letting the reindeer decide where we go.

We offer a snack with Sámi coffee, juice, various reindeer meat products, and our muffins with angelica, while sharing stories about life as reindeer herders.

Day: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Time: 14:00-16:00
Price: 550 SEK/adult, 250 SEK/child (2-12 years)
Meeting point: Renbiten Shop in Storsätern

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Summer and Autumn

Taste of Sápmi

Enjoy a 4-course Sámi dinner in a magical setting that cannot be found in an ordinary restaurant. The set tables are arranged in our large traditional Sámi tent around the fireplace, with nature all around.

Here is your chance to indulge in Sámi cuisine cooked over the fire, accompanied by stories about Sámi culinary traditions. An experience for all the senses that you will remember for a long time. The experience is also suitable for those with mobility difficulties.

Overnight stay on reindeer skins in a traditional Sámi tent (kåta) is possible for 1000 SEK/tent.

Day: Wednesday
Time: 18:00-21:00
Price: 1250 SEK/adult
Meeting point: Renbiten Shop in Storsätern

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Summer and Autumn

Hiking to Maadther Ajjas

This is a magical experience where you get to see how life was for a reindeer herder in the past. We hike together with our tame reindeer to Maadther Ajjas' summer tent, where he lived with his 10 children, farmhands, and dogs. In the tent, a Sámi meal and coffee brewed over the fire are served.

The hike to the tent takes approximately 30 minutes one way.

Day: Monday
Time: 12:00-15:00
Price: 890 SEK/adult
Meeting point: Renbiten Shop in Storsätern

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Experience the Sámi culture in the winter

Give winter an extra sparkling feeling and go meet Sámi people and reindeer in Grövelsjön, Idre. Experience the sensation of the reindeer's soft muzzle eating from your hand or warm yourself up with a cup of Sámi coffee. At Renbiten, you will learn more about Sámi culture, the eight seasons, and the life of a reindeer herder.


Experience the reindeer

Meet our tame reindeer and experience the feeling when they come and eat from your hands, and how soft their fur and muzzle are. In our enclosure, you will find everything from large bulls to this year's little calves.

You will learn about what an amazing animal the reindeer is and how well-adapted it is to survive in an Arctic climate. Did you know, for example, that reindeer in some aspects have better eyesight than humans, or that their meat could be classified as health food?

This activity is suitable for everyone, young and old, as well as those with disabilities.


Snowshoeing with Reindeer

With snowshoes on your feet and a reindeer in hand, you will walk together with our tame reindeer through the old forest. Along the way, you will learn more about the life of the reindeer and the reindeer herders throughout the eight seasons.

We will make stops along the way to enjoy the tranquility and have a cup of Sami coffee and delicacies made from reindeer meat. This snowshoeing experience is suitable for both adults and children from the age of 6.

About Renbiten

Renbiten is a Sami family business located in Storsätern, near Grövelsjön, north of Idre. It is run by Peter and Helena Andersson, who are one of the four families collaborating in the Idre Sami Village - the southernmost Sami village in Sweden.

Storsätern is situated by Grövelsjön and offers breathtaking mountain landscapes and roadless areas on the border with Norway.

The journey from Idre Fjäll to Renbiten takes approximately 45 minutes by car. You will need to use your own vehicle to travel to and from Renbiten. At Renbiten, you will find a café and a shop where you can enjoy refreshments and purchase reindeer meat, reindeer skins, crafts, or perhaps wild-caught fish to take home.

Contact and Booking


Reindeer and Sami experiences are booked through Renbiten's website.


If you have any questions about tours or activities with reindeer, please contact Renbiten directly.

Email: info@renbiten.se
Phone: +46 70 577 93 76
Location: Renbiten on Google Maps