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Training & Competitions at Idre Fjäll

Always snow premiere in October

Training Opportunities and Competitions for Clubs, Elite Athletes, and National Teams

Here at snow-reliable Idre Fjäll in northern Dalarna, we offer training and competition opportunities for pre-booked clubs, national teams, and elite athletes. Our well-established and highly regarded Race Arena, consisting of the two areas, Skidstadion and Nord, welcomes participants of all levels, from juniors to elite athletes. Our arena includes the five winter sports disciplines: biathlon, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, ski cross, and moguls.

Current status of slopes and trails


Premiere October 20, 2023

Race Arena North

For Alpine Skiing, Ski Cross, and Moguls

Welcome to Race Arena North at Idre Fjäll in northern Dalarna - with the season starting on October 20, 2023. Here, we offer snow training in alpine skiing, ski cross, and moguls.

Race Arena North


Premiere October 20, 2023

Race Arena Ski Stadium

For biathlon and cross-country skiing

Snart är vintern på Idre Fjäll igång! Vi erbjuder i vanlig ordning en lång och snösäker säsong för klubbar och elit. Träningssäsongen för skidskytte och längd startar 20 oktober 2023.

Race Arena Ski Stadium 

Competitions at Idre Fjäll

Idre Fjäll hosts a large number of competitions throughout the year, both for juniors and the world's elite. Here, you can see the season's competitions and World Cup events taking place at Idre Fjäll.



NOVEMBER 11-12: Sweden Premiere Biathlon




NOVEMBER 18-19: FIS Open Moguls

DECEMBER 8-9: FIS Moguls World Cup


Cross-Country Skiing

NOVEMBER 24-26: Ford Smart Energy Cup


Ski Cross

DECEMBER 15-16: FIS Ski Cross European Cup - More info to come!

MARCH 22-24: FIS Ski Cross World Cup

For recreational skiers

Disruptions in Trails and Slopes May Occur

As a recreational skier, you are always warmly welcome to both ski yourself and cheer for all the participants along the tracks or slopes when there are competitions at Idre Fjäll. Please note, however, that during certain events, we may need to close specific tracks or slopes for recreational skiers. More information regarding this will be available during each respective competition.