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Final Winter Week

As the winter season draws to a close, we are excited to continue our tradition of celebrating the past few months with a week-long final celebration: Snöröjet. Our final week is filled with exciting activities, concerts, and social gatherings outdoors. You don't want to miss out on the fun and excitement, so come and join us! Snöröjet always occurs the week after Easter.


After Ski

Welcome to epic After Ski sessions during the last ski week of the year. Free entry! You're coming, right?

Program for 2025 will be published here.

Activities Snöröjet

Come and enjoy the last week of the winter season on the mountain, we have arranged lots of extra activities in honor of Snöröjet. And even more activities can be booked here.

Program for 2025 will be published here.

Children's After Ski

Welcome to join After Ski for kids (and all childish parents). We gather by the small stage at Torget (The Square), next to Solbaren. Aske will be there too and he hopes to see you!

Program for 2025 will be published here

Snow Rhythm - the competition

Snow Rhythm is a cycling competition on snow, taking place on our ski cross track with four riders in each heat. Training and individual time qualifying occurs on Friday, April 5 and the finals on Saturday, April 6. Welcome to watch them ride!

About Snow Rhythm

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