All Chair lifts + nordknappen + västliften incl. restaurant utsikten closed due to strong winds.
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Explore Idre Fjäll - year round!

One mountain - five seasons

We live here for a reason - the mountain is an ever changing place for recreation and rapture. Stunningly beautiful, harsh and challenging, peaceful and quiet. 

It would be selfish not to tell the world about this place, it's seasonal beauty and all it offers - year round.
See for yourself! 

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Winter fun at Idre Fjäll

There's so much winter fun to be had here and we think you're aware of the skiing activities, right? But did you know you can go for a sleigh ride under the stars or try the life of a musher on a dog sled? 

Learn more about winter fun at Idre Fjäll! 

Magical mountain summers

Those long light summer nights, heather underneath the feet and a whole mountain to explore. Biking, riding or adventures in the wilderness... Good thing we can do it all! 

Summers at Idre Fjäll

Fun & games - Activity center

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Golf with a view

Idrefjällen's golf course