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Mountains, forests and serenity

Is there a better way to experience nature than quietly gliding through forests or surrounded by mountains. We wouldn't say so!

At Idre Fjäll you can venture out on great small adventures in our well prepared 82 kilometres of ski tracks, 30 of which are lit, so you won't have to stress back from the slopes. 

Our ski tracks

We have a wide range of beautiful ski tracks at Idre Fjäll. Go for a good exercise or just enjoy our beautiful nature.

Winter 19/20 Length About
Askespåret 1 km Easy track
Fäbodspåret 1,5 - 2,5 km  
Platten 1 2,5 km Easy track
Skidskyttespåret 1,3 | 2,5 | 5,5 km  
Femman 5,5 km  
Platten 2 5,5 km  Easy track
Ångerspåret 7,5 km  
Miljöspåret  7,5 km  
Burusjöspåret  15 km  
Fjället runt 9 km  
Milen  11 km  
Slättvålaspåret  18 km  

Good to know

The stadium is the hub

From the Ski stadium you can reach all our tracks, unless you have one right outside your door.

Skiing direction & guidelines

Let faster skiers pass you in the single tracks. Tracks are marked to show the chosen direction. When the track is a double track please keep to the right.

Parallell tracks

The lit ski tracks have double tracks and a wide skate skiing path.

Illuminated tracks

The illuminated ski tracks are lit every day between 6.00-9.00 and 15.00-24.00

Sledges and dogs

You're welcome to ski with both sledges and dogs, but please ski beside the classic ski tracks.

Try new skis

Try this season's news from Madshus and Fischer at our Ski test center by the stadium.

Help waxing skis

Let our pros wax your skis to perfection and learn their best tricks. Available at our Ski test center by the stadium.

No walking in tracks

For safety and quality reasons, It's not allowed to walk in or beside the tracks by foot. If you fancy a walk, we kindly ask you to use the roads and walkways at Idre Fjäll.

Winter 2022/2023

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