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Visit Fäboden - Our genuine Mountain Pasture

Idre Fjäll has a genuine mountain pasture with old traditional cabins, we call it Fäboden. There are also friendly animals such as goats, cows, rabbits, geese, and chickens. Come by and pet the animals while enjoying a freshly made waffle with ice cream at the Fäbodcaféet.

Fäboden is just a short walk from the Square and is free to visit. The animals are outside between 8 am and 4 pm every day. 


The Fäbod Day

Welcome to our Fäbod Days this summer! During the Fäbod Day, there will be markets showcasing local crafts, demonstrations of traditional product processing such as butter-making, opportunities to visit the animals, and a chance to admire the old mountain pasture cabins.

The Fäbod Day takes place every Wednesday throughout the summer, and it is suitable for both adults and children. Best of all, it's completely free!

Our activities at Fäboden


Meet the Animals

Welcome to watch our grazing cattle at Fäboden during summer. We are not arranging guided tours this summer but you are welcome to ask us questions about the animals as well as the Fäbod and we'll gladly answer. 

Find your way to Fäboden

The mountain pasture is located beside Västbacken, just above the middle station.

You can reach it by walking from the Square at Idre Fjäll.

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