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Mountain farm

Visit the mountain farm

Idre Fjäll has a real mountain farm (fäbod) with cute goats, rabbits, chickens, cows, geese and old houses. Come by and pet the animals and enjoy a crispy waffle at the Café. You find the mountain farm (Fäboden) just a short walk from the Square (Torget) and it's free to visit. The animals are outside everyday between 8 and 16 (8am and 4pm). We also have guided tours for kids - but thoose you have to book, more information below.

Summer 2022

Meet the animals

Book a guided tour around our Mountain Farm (Fäboden) this Summer. You will get to meet our animals, feed and pet them while our guide tells you about the farm, why there were farms like this and the different chores people had on them. The activity will end with a waffle in the Fäbodcafé (included).

Suitable for kids age 4 - 12. Parents can come along at no cost (no waffle included though). Suitable clothing.


Time & date: Tuesdays and Fridays 13.00 - 14.00 (from June 29 - August 13).
Price: SEK 150 (incl. waffle).
Maximum number of participants: 10.


Summer 2022

Walk with our goats

Follow along on a walk with our goats around the Mountain Farm. Our guide will show you around, share some fun facts about the goat, and if you like you can try leading your own goat around.

Goats are lots of fun, they are always up for some tricks and they have their own ideas. You could almost say they are like big cats: with a mind of their own, hard to keep inside their enclosure and they'll try to eat everything. You will never have a boring moment when you hang out with goats.

Wear suitable clothes and consider the animals while walking amongst them.


Date & time: Thursdays and Saturdays 10:30 - 11.00 and 11.15 - 11.45. (from July 1 - August 14).
Price: SEK 50 / pers.
Age: Recommended for kids 5-10 years old (parents can come along).
Maximum number of participants: 6


Summer 2022

Mountain Farm history

Take the chance to learn more about an important piece of Swedish history: the old farms (fäbodar). Our guide you will show you the old wooden buildings, objects from the past and share some old tales.

This old farm is called Fjätvallen and consists of different buildings that were moved here from farms in the area. During this tour you will get a closer look at the buildings and afterwards we enjoy a cup of coffee made on open fire.

Suitable for adults (or kids with an interest to learn).
Wear suitable clothes and shoes.


Time and date: Wednesdays 10.30 - 11.30 (from July 15 - August 11).
Price: SEK 100 / person incl. coffee.
Maximum number of participants: 15.


Summer 2022

A day on the Mountain Farm

Welcome to our days on the Mountain Farm (Fäboden) where we will arrange markets with local produce, show you how they used to refine products back in the day, butter for example. You'll also have an opportunity to meet our animals and have a look at the old farm buildings.

No cost and no pre-registration.

Suitable for all ages.

Time and date: Wednesdays, 14.00 - 16.00 (from July 14 - August 11).


Find Fäboden

Fäboden is located next to Västbacken, just above the center station. You can walk here from the Square at Idre Fjäll. Welcome!

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