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From madness to success

It all started 1965 when depopulation affected the Idre area due to a declining job market. A foundation was established and a ski resort was planned on the mountain of Gränjesvålen. The project was soon known as the "communal madness" among the locals. But 50 years on, what started as a crazy idea turned out to be a success story.

From the opening 1968 until today Idre Fjäll has grown to be one of the most popular ski resorts in Sweden, winning several awards such as "Ski resort of the year" in 2016/2017.

Idre Fjäll - fun facts

First four-seated chairlift in Europe

Idre Fjäll was the first ski resort in Europe to offer a four-seated chairlift.

Steepest slope in Scandinavia

The slope Chocken is the steepest slope in Scandinavia, with a 46 degree slope angle.

World cup at Idre Fjäll

Did you know that Idre Fjäll hosts no less than three World Cup competitions? Every year we welcome the skicross, moguls and speedski elite to Idre Fjäll.


Idre Fjälll is Sweden's southernmost Sami village. Reindeers are common at Idre Fjäll and sometimes we even find a reindeer colleague in our center building.

Our management

Who do I talk to about partnerships? Who is the MD? Here's our management and how to get in touch!

Our management

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Have questions about available accommodation, buying a house here or perhaps why snow is white? Contact us here and we'll sort it out! 

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Work at Idre Fjäll

Are you ready for the best job ever? A season in the mountains will give you happy memories and friends for life. Mountain top sunsets are an extra bonus.

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Olof Palme i svart vitt på ett par skidor på Idre Fjäll.

History at Idre Fjäll

Former Prime Minister of Sweden, Olof Palme (1969-1976, 1983-1986), was a dear guest in the 70´s. He had a favourite cottage where he used to stay.

It is still here - can you guess which one?