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Maps over Idre Fjäll

Don't know where to go? Here are some helpful maps to help you find your way on Idre Fjäll. 

Summer and fall


Trail map

Summers trail map

Running and hiking trails

Running och hiking map

See this summers running and hiking map

Idre Fjäll

Area map

Area map Summer

Camp sites

Here you will find a map of Camping Renen.

Camping Renen

Camp site map

Camp site map


Here you find winter's piste map, cross country trail map and our Idre Fjäll area map. Please note! The piste and trail maps illustrate days when everything is open. For current status, follow this link >>.


Piste map

Winters piste map

Cross-country skiing

Track map

Winters track map

Idre Fjäll

Area map

Area map Winter

How to get here

Are you looking for information on how to find your way to Idre Fjäll?

How to get here