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Maps over Idre Fjäll

Don't know where to go? Here are some helpful maps to help you find your way on Idre Fjäll. 


Piste Map

Piste Map ➚

Cross-country skiing

Track Map

Track Map ➚

Idre Fjäll

Area Map

Area Map ➚

Campground Map


Campground Map ➚


Bike Map

Bike Map ➚

Running & Hiking

Trail Map

Hiking Map ➚

Take the Fjälltåget Around the Mountain

Leave your car and hop on the Fjälltåget (the mountain train)! You can ride for free (you don't even need a Ski pass) between our cottage areas, Askes Ski Area (Askes Summer Meadow during the summer), and the Sydgondolen base station. Fjälltåget is a convenient way to get around the mountain without the hassle of loading and unloading your car. Dogs and bikes are welcome, subject to space availability.

Operating Hours

08.30 - 18.00

  • The first trip departs from Askes Ski Area at 08:30
  • Lunch break from 13.00 - 13.30
  • The last trip departs from Askes Ski Area at 18.00


Askes Ski Area – The Square – Västbyn – Västbyn/Skogsbyn Passage – Skogsbyn – Gammelbyn – Sports Rental South – Dalsbyn Recycling Station – Dalsbyn – Söderbyn – Söderbyn/Dähliebyn Passage – Dähliebyn – Fjällbyn – Gammelbyn – The Square – Askes Ski Area – Sydgondolens Base Station – Askes Ski Area.

Getting to Idre Fjäll

Are you looking for information on how to get to Idre Fjäll?

Directions to Idre Fjäll