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Welcome to Bikeland

The coziest cycling destination in the Nordics! Whether you prefer muscle-powered, lift-assisted, or electric-assisted biking, Idre Fjäll offers a versatile and exciting cycling experience. Explore our extensive range, from pump tracks and training areas to easier downhill trails and a vast network of cross-country trails in untouched mountain nature. Experience the ultimate joy of cycling and let your vacation at Idre Fjäll be the highlight of the summer.

Current trail status

Surely you won't forget your trail pass, will you?

To access all of our cycling trails, you will need to purchase a trail pass. If you also want to use the lifts, you will need a combined lift and trail pass. Idre Fjäll is a foundation, and we reinvest all the revenue into our operations. Every year, we make significant investments in maintaining the cycling trails and developing even more amazing cycling experiences for you. Together, we create a sustainable cycling experience in a fantastic mountain environment!

With a trail pass, you will receive:

  • Access to all cycling trails at Idre Fjäll
  • Use of our Skills Area
  • Cycling on our asphalt Pumptrack
  • Tips and advice from our cycling hosts
  • Use of our bike wash facilities, including detergent
  • Access to bike repair equipment at our bike maintenance stations
  • Free rides on the Fjälltåget (mountain train)

Would you like to use the lifts as well?

  • If you also want to use the lifts between rides, you can purchase our combined lift and trail pass.

Buy your trail pass / lift and trail pass

Improve Your Skills

Do you want to become a better MTB cyclist?

Take a bike lesson

Trails that suites everyone

Bike Map

Our bike map ➚

Equipment for cycling

Rent MTB and e-bike from us

Rent your equipment

Cross Country

Enjoy fantastic mountain biking at Idre Fjäll among mountain peaks and beautiful views in summer and autumn. Here you get to experience cycling with an extra dimension. We are constantly working to improve our trails to give you the best possible experience.

1 or 10,000 hours in the saddle? We have cycling for all levels. Additionally, there are bike courses with experienced instructors to book if you want to develop your skills and become even better.

Our bike trails

Our Green Trails


Akka is a lovely flow trail for the whole family, with a total of 5 picturesque resting areas with benches for those who want to take in the views. Perfect for beginners and pleasure seekers! Do you recognize the name? Akka is named after the famous goose in "The Wonderful Adventures of Nils" who passed over Städjan.

Askes Pajplajn

Askes Pajplajn is a green, child-friendly loop with playful and undulating features located next to the playground. Perfect for the youngest cyclists and adults who want to keep an eye on their children while enjoying a snack. Approximately 200 meters long.

For Everyone

"For Everyone" speak for itself. This is a trail that everyone can handle, whether big or small, from beginners who have mastered the brakes to advanced cyclists striving to take the top spot on the Strava segment. "For Everyone" is a very flowing trail that winds through the forest, downhill and back and forth, while offering exhilarating rollers and small rock drops that are also great for simply rolling over. It's not uncommon to hear shouts of "Woho!" from cyclists making their way down this trail.

Red Trails

Ner ska du – Red

If "Ner ska du – Blue" is a flow festival, this is a real disco! Fantastic velodrome curves and smooth trails, mixed with technical surprises, rock drops, rowdy sections, and a solid adrenaline rush! This trail is suitable for the intermediate cyclist who has good control over the bike, is confident with the brakes, and wants to challenge themselves. It's also perfect for the advanced cyclist seeking a challenge and an adrenaline rush, and who's ready to jump whenever the trail allows.

Straight Rhythm - Red

To make the Straight Rhythm track red, you must master the technique of wheeling between two bumps. Furthermore, on the red track, there are various jump techniques, including step-up, step-down, double jumps, triple jumps, plateau jumps, and two challenging "dragons-back" sections that demand a high degree of skill and precision. To conquer all the jumps along the entire track, higher speeds are required, generated when you land correctly. Jumping requires skill and caution, preferably under the supervision of an instructor.

The track has been developed with contributions from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.

The bike playground

Skills arena

We want to issue a warning! It's easy to get stuck here - for hours. The skills area is the place where everyone, regardless of age or experience, gathers to develop their cycling skills. Here you'll find a pump track, balance training, cornering practice, and three jump lines - green, blue, and red.

Skills Area tracks

Balance training

Get used to ride a mountainbike by going over logs and small jumps to improve your technical skills before you´re off to our trails. This is a easy and great start for building confident to ride our trails in a safe and fun way.

Jump line - green and blue

Dare to try to jump with your mountainbike! The blue and green jump line is a great start!

Jump line - red

The red jump line is our most technical jump line. When you´re confident with the green and blue line then it´s time to try the red! Go jump!

Dual slalom

Two trails that run parallel to one another. Doubletrack trails allow riders to ride side-by-side.

Rock garden

A section of trail covered with rocks


This is a technical trail feature where the trail’s elevation changes at a steep enough angle so that your front tire cannot easily roll down to the lower elevation. Tip! Take a bike leasson to learn more about how to ride our drop-zone.

Curve training

Practice curves


Pumtrack consists of a loop of banked turns and roller coaster type features designed to be ridden by pumping rather than pedaling in order to gain and control speed.

We have two pump tracks at Idre Fjäll. One smaller pump track with a gravel surface that is suitable for all ages and skill levels. And a larger asphalt pump track that is suitable for advanced riders. Both pump tracks are located at the Skills Area.


Our pump track has an area of approximately 1,500 square meters and is about 200 meters long, filled with wonderful bumps and turns for those who love to pump their way around. And yes, we've also thought of those who love to fly because the first section has double jump lines. Our pump track is calibrated to handle a competition, but it is primarily graded for those who are at a blue/red level.

Important things to keep in mind

Before You Set Off

SLAO (Svenska Skidanläggningars Organisation) is an organization that represents ski resorts and bike parks in Sweden. They have established certain rules and guidelines to promote safety and enjoyment for visitors using lifts and bike trails in the facilities. Here is a few pointers:

  1. Cycling is undertaken at your own risk.
  2. Use a helmet - it is mandatory.
  3. Ensure that your bike is well-maintained for a safer and more enjoyable riding experience.
  4. Hire a guide or instructor to reduce the risk of accidents.
  5. Lock your bike to prevent theft, even when you're out in the terrain.

Feel free to read SLAO Little Green Book ➚ before heading out on the bike trails to ensure everyone has a safe biking experience at Idre Fjäll.

Do you still feel unsure about mountain biking?

We highly recommend booking a one-hour session with one of our bike guides who can provide you with plenty of tips and advice.

Book a private bike lesson

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