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Ownership at Idre Fjäll

Sublet your cabin through us!

Welcome as a cabin owner here at Idre Fjäll! We have more than 50 years of experience of accommodating guests and making them feel right at home.

We have built up the logistics and support system to take care of your cabin and rental. A simple and comfortable way of owning and subletting a mountain cabin! 

Your ownership deal

Your ownership at Idre Fjäll includes the following benefits and services 

  • Rental agency
  • Support center open all weekdays 
  • Callcenter booking of your cabin 363 days/year
  • Online booking 24/7
  • Marketing online and through agents in Denmark, Holland, and Germany
  • Ownership card that gives you benefits at Idre Fjäll
  • Advisory services
  • Key exchange and reception services
  • Inspection before arrival and at departure
  • Cabin service
  • Snow clearing of parking space and walkway
  • Preparedness service 365 days/year, for acute issues
  • Photography of your cabin upon contract signing
  • Selected add-on services
  • Great discount rates on products from Idre Fjäll and our partners

Stay updated with our ownership portal

Your ownership login at Idre Fjäll now allows you to book your cabin, keep track of both your's and other guest's reservations. You can also view settlement forecasts and other information.