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Ski school group lessons for adults

Tre skidåkare i snötäckt landskap

Discover skiing as an adult

We want you to get the best possible start for your future ski experience. What ambition you have with your skiing is up to you. Whether you want to challenge yourself or just take it easy in the slopes, we help you by placing you in a group tailored to your wishes and your ability.


Previous knowledge: None
This group is for those who have never skied before. We will start in the beginner area by learning to turn and stop. Here lies the importance of being in a comfortable pace to start gaining control of the skis and lift riding. When the group feels ready, we will go out to the easier slopes of the system and practice more.

The goal is to gain control of the skis in the turn and stop so that you can go into the system easier slopes and experience the beauty of skiing.

CRUISE THE BLUES (Continuous course)

Previous knowledge: You can go in the blue slopes and button lift. We will practice turning with parallel skis and get control of the speed and turns. The course is intended for those who have skied before but want some new tips. Depending on what the participants want to practice, which can be carvingtechnique or how to keep up with your kids on the slopes, we check with the group what to practice. We start in the blue slopes and see where we end up.

The goal is to get more comfortable on skis and begin to master the turn and brake with parallel skis in blue slopes.

EXPLORE THE MOUNTAIN (Advanced course)

Previous knowledge: You can go on red slopes with parallel skis with good control. We will ski all over the mountain (except in black slopes) and exercise techniques in both large and small turns. We will continue to practice carving turns and to use skis in the best way.

The goal is to become a better skier with more control in steeper slopes.


Previous knowledge: You can ski on black slopes with parallel skis with good control in large and small turns. We will ski all over the mountain and find the best skiing for the day and workout technique in giant slalom turns, excessive short turns and if possible try off-piste. This course is for those who ski on black slopes but want that extra edge in skiing.

The goal is to continue to refine all skills to make it even more fun to ski really steep, in varied snow conditions and terrain.

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Booking ski school: Online, tel. +46(0)253-412 32,, Skicenter Väst or in the reception.