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Skiing with children

50 years of practice

First time on a skiing holiday with your children?
Don't worry - we have over 50 years of experience teaching children how to ski  and we're happy to share!

Our best tips

When can kids start to ski?

3 years is a good age to get introduced to snow and skiing gear - in a playful manner! 

Some children are fast learners and others needs more time to practice. It might help if they have tried ice skating or other activities that requires some balance and body control.

What equipment do we need?

Children easily get cold and usually hands and feet are first. It's a good idea to put the ski boots on some time before you go out.

All children must wear a helmet. There's usually no need for a beanie, but if it 's really cold it is good to have a thin cap under the helmet. You can leave the kid's ski sticks in the cabin!

How do I teach the children to ski?

Number one - be patient and have fun! Our children's areas are made for learning. Practice finding the "break", putting the skis together like a plow - or more fun - an ice cream cone! Let the child try to break and stop on it's own.

Our ski school is a playful way to learn and a fast way to pick up skiing! 

School of fun

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