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Ski school group lessons 10-15 years

Skidåkare i full fart framför vacker vinternatur

Ski school for the oldest children

The ski school for children 10-15 years is called Skidliga. Here are four different levels of skiing school for something to suit everyone. Read more here about the prerequisites required before you start and what the goals of the courses are.

BEGINNER 10-15 years

Group lessons slalom.

Previous knowledge: None.
We get to know our skis. We practice to turn both ways, control the speed and stop. We start the adventure in the beginners area and when we feel ready, we try out some of the easier slopes.

The goal is to learn how to break, make turns and control speed on green slopes.

INTERMEDIATE 10-15 years

Group lessons slalom.

Previous knowledge: You already know how to make turns, stop and take the button lift on green slopes. We help you to build confidence and improve skills. Depending on what we are going to work out, we ski in both green and a bit more difficult slopes.

The goal is to ski with control and to master turns with a parallel stance and safely pick your own line down blue slopes.

ADVANCED 10-15 years

Group lessons slalom.

Previous knowledge:You already ski with good control down the red slopes and you know how to go on a T-bar lift. You are almost able to ski parallel turns on red slopes. We try jumps, steeper slopes and different types of terrain. We have fun together and train safety, speed and rhythm.

The goal is to improve edging skills and ski parallel on red runs with good control in a variety of snow conditions.

EXTREME 7-15 years

Group lessons slalom.

Previous knowledge: You are able to ski parallel turns on black slopes. Button- and T-bar lifts are not a problem. You will improve edging, pressure control, timing and coordination. We train to make solid pole plants with proper timing. We go for steep slopes, jumps and slide boxes and rails.

The goal is to continue to refine all skills in varied snow conditions, speed and terrain.

Pricelist ski school on Idre Fjäll.

Booking ski school: Online, tel. +46(0)253-412 32,, Skicenter Väst or in the reception.