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Ski rental at Idre Fjäll

Skidor uppradade på en hylla.

Rent skis quickly and smoothly for your skiing holiday

If you rent your equipment in advance, you do not need any bulky luggage. And if you choose to get your things delivered at 150sek/accommodation you don't have to stand in line.

The equipment is delivered to the cottage on the day of arrival. Please note that you must return the equipment to one of our ski rental locations:

  • Skicenter South. Pickup Pre-booked Equipment, Drop-in & Groups.
  • Skicenter Center. Drop in.

We have alpine skis, snowboards, skate skis, cross country skis, snow racing and tpulka.

Delivery must be booked no later than three (3) days before arrival!

Opening hours ski rental.

For information or booking you are
warmly welcome to call us.
Phone: +46 (0) 253 41 000

Booking and delivery time

Did you miss booking equipment when booking? Add the equipment to your existing booking by logging in with username and password. There, under your reservations, you can complete your existing housing contract.

The ski equipment can be booked online via the online booking until one (1) day before the date you wish to pick up the equipment. If you book through our phone booking, you must have a little better advance, three (3) days before that is the case. For delivery, always apply three (3) days prior to arrival date.

Choose the right rental skis

Most beneficial is to hire a package including the entire equipment. Of course you can rent only skis, boots or snowboards.

Slalom package Bas (Basic)

Basic rental skis are suitable for beginners as well as for those who go quietly and controlled downhill. You travel mostly in green and blue slopes. A soft and gentle ski that makes it easy to turn. The package includes pants and rods.

Slalom Packaged Medium

The medium package is aimed at you who are an experienced skier. You master most of the slopes but be careful in steeper parts. The ski is a bit harder and thus more stable at slightly higher speeds.

Slalom Package Advanced

This package is for those who like speed. You have traveled a lot of skis and down the toughest slopes. This is a ski that is stiff, which makes it stable at higher speeds and tougher rides.

Test Skis

Rent a couple of test skis for a day and come in and change as much as you want. We have chosen those wich, according to us, are the best ski from each brand. All the skis are new for this year and if you find any you like you should buy them! We guide you among all the skis and what we need to know after the first test drive is what was good, less good and what properties you would like in your dream skis. Ski test is based in the rent in the square and outside in our test center on the slope. Renting test skis are done day by day and can not be pre booked.

Twintip package

If you're going to hang out in the park or think the best thing about skiing is to jump and play, then choose twintips. The skis have a smoother design adapted for park skating, and the back section is bent up so you can ski backwards. But these skis are totally fine to go down the whole mountain.


For snowboarders, or for those who want to try something new.

Cross country package

Our cross country skis for classical skiing has a good grip where it is needed and a good glide otherwise. Just head out and enjoy nature.

Other packages

For those who want a bit more speed in te cross country tracks, this is for you. Skate has a movement reminiscent of long-distance skating, a lot of balance is needed and when you get it right you get the speed. The technique might be a bit difficult to achieve in the beginning so we recommend you take a lesson first.

Multi rentals

If you are unsure what you want to rent, try a multi rental. This means you have full freedom to choose what you want in terms of availability. Just go to the rental and change to what's right for the day.

Security package for rental skis

Add our security package that relieves you from liability for damage to rented equipment, in the event of theft and accidents. Can only be purchased at the rental and booking date. Applies to your entire rented equipment, but not test skis. Does not cover damage to equipment in case of clear signs of negligent handling such as scratches occurring on journeys outside marked downhill or on parking / gravel roads. Stolen equipment must be reported to the police.