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Magical March

Perfect Skiing Condition - Pinch me!

We call it spring winter - when the winter is at it's best. That's when you should enjoy the mountains!  
Magic March offers longer days, amazing skiing and warming sun.

Skiing in "Spring Winter"

A beloved child has many names - skiing in late winter is also knowed as spring winter or magical Mars ! Spring winter is the mountains' very own fifth season, offering warm days and chilly nights. Long sunny days provide enjoyable skiing, and cooler nights keep the snow in great condition for longer. It's simply a "pinch-me" skiing experience!

Spring winter also offers exciting adventures beyond the ski slopes. Why not try snowmobile tours or perhaps dog sledding? Enjoy some relaxation in the sun at a cozy outdoor café or dance the night away at an energetic après-ski event.

Become a Better Skier

Do you want to learn how to ski or snowboard from scratch? Or are you already skilled and looking to take your skiing to the next level? Join ski school, take private lessons, or participate in one of our more challenging skiing activities. At Idre Fjäll, the opportunities are plentiful whether you're a beginner or a pro.

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