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Information about Idre Fjäll

Träskylt med snö på. Specificerar vandrings- och skidåkningsleder.

All information you may need

Here you will find all the information you may need for your stay at Idre Fjäll. Here are all opening hours that apply to this period, all prices are also here, whether you show up in the summer or winter.

You can check the weather, on the weather page or in real time through our webcams.

Make sure you show up at the right place by checking the directions, or paste the address below into your GPS. If you still feel lost, here are all phone numbers and email addresses. Smooth, right?

Click the links in the text or use the menu on the left to navigate and don't miss our excellent Winter guide, where you find all the information you need.

We always want to hear your suggestions and ideas about what we can do better.

If you want to book or have questions about your vacation at Idre Fjäll, contact our booking office on:

Stiftelsen Idre Fjäll
Box 202
SE-790 91 Idre

Telephone: +46 (0)253-410 00

Contact us!