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Horseback riding and Horse and sleigh tours

Häst i galopp i snö

Experience the mountain nature from the horseback

Imagine a lovely ride on a calm horse, in a sparkling snow landscape maybe at sunset. All horseback riding starts from the stable, which you will find above the ski stadium and Fäboden. Everyone is welcome no matter if you are big or small, old or young, beginner or experienced.

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The forest tour

We ride into the quiet winter landscape and all we hear is creaking from the horses' hooves in the snow. A lovely forest ride in beautiful surroundings between Idre Fjäll, Städjan and Nipfjället!

Head lamp tour

Be prepared for a winter ride unlike any other. We ride in the darkness and get along with the light from our headlamps. Perhaps we see some reindeer, or a hare in the light of the lamps?


On the Tolka-tour there is speed and fun on the programme! You ski or snowboard straight from the slope onto the courtyard by the stable. Then you will experience a ride behind the horse, which you will not forget any time soon!

The Aske tour for kids

A ride that the children absolutely love! We ride off on a 25-minute forest trip in the snow. The children bring a parent/adult who helps by leading the horse.

Fika is included!

Aske mini-tour

For the smallest children we have this horse ride where we stay on the paddock. We ride slalom between figures and cross over small bars and exciting obstacles. The children bring a parent/adult who helps by leading the horse.

Askes sleigh ride for the children

Here the kids try to drive horse and sleigh! A fun trip where the little kids can sit in the leather rags and blankets and learn how to steer the horse all by themselves.

Sleigh ride

Is there a more cozy feeling than crawling down in a sled full of pure leather and cozy blankets, and then going away behind the horse into the woods? Must be experienced!

Torch-tour in the sled

With torches on the sled we go out into the dark and get an experience beyond the usual. Relax in the cozy sledge among the reindeer skins, and hear the sound of the horse's bell string.

Fika is included!