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Experience the Sámi culture

Ren i djup snö

Experience the reindeer

Meet some of our reindeer and experience the feeling when they eat out of your hands. Learn more about what amazing animal the reindeer is. Fully adapted to an Arctic climate. Did you know, for example, that they can see things our eyes can not?

A reindeer keepers life in the old days and now

Walk along with our reindeer to our tepee. There we sit on the rails around the fireplace, boil coffee over the fire and tell how the reindeer keeping has changed over the years. You are also served Sami "fika".

Walking in snow shoes with reindeer

Experience the feeling of hiking on snow shoes through a real old forest along with our domestic reindeer. Learn about the life of the reindeer during the 8 seasons. Enjoy the peacefulness of a cup of sami coffee and other delicacies of reindeer meat. A snowshoe hike that suits both big and small.

Livallen in winter season

In the Fosk valley, far from civilization there is an old fäbod from the late 1700's. Here there are no roads and the area is closed for snowmobiles, except during guided tours. Take a day trip on skis as we go up the mountain or choose to go in the sled. In the fäboden a sami meal is served over open fire and we tell about life on the mountain in the old days and now.

Taste of salmon, Sami food culture

Picture lecture at Grövelsjöns Fjällstation. Pre-booking is not required.

Location: STF Grövelsjön Fjällstation.

Sign up for all activities at reception no later than. 18.00 the day before.

All tours are with a minimum of 4 persons. Are there fewer than 4 people on the list at the reception, please call Renbiten and check as they can have their own booked. Gathering in Storsätern at the shop Renbiten. Travel time approx. 45 min from Idre Fjäll (single trip, own car). Payment is made on site. If you want any other time or arrangement, please contact us, we can fix most things.

Book by e-mail: or tel. +46(0)253-233 30

Open from 15 December to 21 April 2018/2019.