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Activity center

Bowling på Idre Fjäll Aktivitetscenter

Fill the skiing holiday with sports and other fun

In our activity center there is plenty to do after a full day of skiing. There are bowling alleys, playroom, arcade, gym, café, pools and sauna.

There is also a 3200 square meter sports hall where you can play basketball, football, volleyball, badminton and table tennis. Equipment is available for rent.

Complete price list Activity Center

Opening hours


New! Activity Club for kids 2018/2019

Let go of annoying parents for a while! Hang out with Aske and meet new friends. The activity center has lots to do and lots of ice cream. Every day during the holiday we find new things to do. We play bowling, go swimming, eat ice cream, or going up to the sports hall for a moment's shipwreck, or soccer. As I said, there are no nagging parents - but here the children are in charge.

Together with our talented activity leaders, we find plenty of activities.

Maybe Aske the reindeer will come to visit? What ice cream is Aske's favorite, can Aske really bowl and is he really world champion of hide and seek?

See you in the Activity Center!

Swimming - Indoor Pools

Our pool area has a large pool 8 x 17 m and a whirlpool tub. For the smaller children there are slides, fountains, a cave and the whale Moby Dick of course. Here the children are like fish in the water. There is also a small swimming pool with seals for the very smallesr to splash in.

You need a padlock with you to lock your locker. We sell this for 25sek / piece.

If you want to feel the sweat drain or improve the sunburn, we also have a sauna and a solarium located in each dressing room.

Prices Indoor pool


90 sek

8-15 years

45 sek

0-7 years


Gym and swimming at the same occation

150 sek

Padlock for the locker room

25 sek

*Children swim for free in the company of a paying adult.

Bowling and Disco bowling

A bowling round is a must during the skiing holiday! Max 6 persons per course. The last three hours every night the room transforms into a disco bowl party!

There is also a chance to win a bowling hour! (Valid Mon - Thu)

Prices Bowling

Bowling course (max 6 persons)

280 sek/55 min

Disco bowling (max 6 persons)

340 sek/55 min



Prepare for a sweaty but fun sport. We train in pairs with gloves and mitts. Works both if you previously tested and for those who have never boxed before.

Book online via this link >>

You can also book at the Activity Center, and drop in depending on how many are attending. From 13 years.

Glassbaren sedd från ett kafébord


In our cafe you can sit down for a while and be sure to buy coffee, ice cream, candy and sausage.


Fully equipped for effective strength training. Open 24 hours a day every day of the week. Gym cards must be solved during the activity center's regular opening hours. Age limit 16 years, otherwise in the company of an adult.

Prices Gym

Gym (24 hours)

110 sek

Gym & Swimming at the same occation

150 sek

Gym card 6 months

830 sek

Gym card, a year

1470 sek

shuffle-boards, andra spelmaskiner i bakgrunden


Lots of fun arcade games for those who want an extra adrenaline kick. Age limit 16 years, otherwise in adult company.

Sports hall, 3 200 sq m

Here you can play basketball, volleyball, basketball, handball, football and badminton.

Prices Sports hall

Badminton (2 rackets & 2 balls incl.)

150 sek/ 55 min

Table-tennins Fjällgården (2 rackets & 1 ball incl.)

100 sek/ 55 min

Rent the hall- 1 plane ex. basketball, soccer, handball, volleyboll.

300 sek/ 55 min

Rent the hall - 1/2 plane ex. 1 basketball hoop, small planes soccer.

200 sek/ 55 min

Phone number to the Activity center: +46(0)253-41 231

Opening hours

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