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At Idre Fjäll there are three areas with fixed orientation controls during the summer between June and September. Maps with orienteering controls are available in the Activity Center.

Orienteering tracks

One of the orienteering areas is Naturpasset with easy control points in a landscape of great natural beauty at Idre Fjäll. Here, the whole family can go out on a search for control markers and enjoy the view. In the other areas, one should have some orienteering experience. Except for the photo-orienteering >>

For orienteerers who want a tough training session that requires a lot of contact with the map, these other areas are ideal, even though they are in completely different terrain types. After Idre Week in orienteering - which is held the week after midsummer - there are additional areas available with a lot more control markers. These areas are based on control points from the various race stages.

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