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Mountain hiking

kvinna ser ut över vackert sommarlandskap

Hiking is freedom. Hiking is fresh mountain air and extensive views. The feeling of standing on the top of the world and a landscape that etches itself firmly into your mind. If you stay at Idre Fjäll, the hiking trails are right outside. Mountain hiking is summer in Dalarna.

In the area around Idre, Särna and Grövelsjön you will find an extensive number of various hiking tracks. There are tracks suitable both for families with smaller children and for the more experienced hikers.

Mountain hiking with start at Idre Fjäll

If you stay at Idre Fjäll, the tracks and the mountains are right outside your door. You can find all Jogging tracks and hiking tracks starting at Idre Fjäll, on our hiking mapPDF.

There are several guided hiking tours during the summer. Discover the nature together with other hikers. The guided tours are free if your accommodation is rented through Idre Fjäll or through a travel agency. Read more about the hiking tours

Regardless if you are hiking alone with friends or with a guide you should check out our tips for equipment before you go. Follow this link to read them