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Husky hikes


For those who want an experience with a husky dog ​​with your family or friends.

We offer hiking tours and scooter rides with husky dogs for the whole family (children from 5 years). Learn about polar dogs and their behavior, experience the cool mountain environment together with the dogs.

Husky Hike

Walk along with a husky dog ​​that you are connected to with a belt. You get towed by the dog and uphill gets much easier. We walk together in the woods, on paths and gravel roads in light terrain. An activity that suits everyone! On the trip we stop and let the dogs swim.

Children under the age of 12 go together with an adult and share a dog. We're out for an hour. Children under the age of 13 are in the adult company. Max 12 participants.

Husky Footbike

An exciting trip for those who like speed and cycling. You stand on a footbike that a husky dog ​​is connected to and gives you speed ahead. You can easily climb off and help the dog uphill.

Time 1 hour. Minimum length 150 cm. From 12 years.

Kennel Visit

At Särnaheden, about 20 km south of Idre, lies a large dog farm with 30 pulling dogs. Here you have the opportunity to learn a little about the dogs, feed and play with the dogs.

From 5 years. Children under 13 years of age in adult company. Max 8 participants.
Time 2 hours.

For more information contact: Ann-Laure at tel. (+46)073-048 89 83.

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