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Husky hikes


Adventure Dreams offers summer Husky tours at Idre Fjäll (Husky Hike and Husky Footbike) and Husky dogyard visit at Särnaheden* on monday, wednesday and saturday from week 26 to week 36 (June 24-September 7).

Book at the Reception at Idre Fjäll. You can also reach the Reception by phone at +46 253 41 253.
Payment by cash or Swish at the start point. You can withdraw cash at the reception.

All our activities are under the supervision of a guide.

All our dogs are friendly and love to be cuddle. Of course they can bark loud but it's because they are impatient to run!

Husky Hike

Hike with a husky dog you are attached to with a belt around your waist. You get help forward from the dog and the uphills are much easier. We hike together on trails or in the woods in easy terrain. An activity that suits everyone! On the tour we stop and let the dogs cool down in water points.

Children under 13 years old will hike together with an adult. At least one adult accompanying children please.

Max 10 participants. From 6 years old.

Price: 300 kr/adult, 200 kr/6-12 years.

Husky Footbike

Husky Footbike

For those who like speed and the bike. Here you'll be pulled by a sled dog while standing on a footbike. A footbike is between a step and a bike, so you can step to help the dog forward and you can break to slow down and stop. We provide a helmet.

From 12 years. Minimum lenght 150 cm.

Max 5 participants

Price: 400 SEK/person.

Husky Kennel Visit

The dogyard is located at Särnaheden, about 25 km south of Idre Fjäll. Here there is a pack of 30 sled dogs. You will play with the dogs, feed them and get the opportunity to learn about their behavior and the various breeds. At least one adult accompanying children please.

2 hours.
From 5 years. Max 8-10 persons.

Price: 150 SEK/person.

* Road instructions Särnaheden: from Idre Fjäll it takes approx. 25 minutes. Drive towards Mora/Särna, always straight on. After 25km you will see the road sign "Särnaheden", turn on the right at the "Adventure Dreams" sign. Continue 150m and turn left at the second "Adventure Dreams" sign.

If you want to book in advance, you can contact Adventure Dreams by email:, or mobile: +46 (0) 73-048 89 83.

Cancellation conditions

Cancellation after 13:00 the day before the tour: payment is due, no refund.

For more information contact: Ann-Laure at tel. (+46)073-048 89 83.

Adventure Dreams