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Summer 2019

Around Idre you can find some of Sweden's best fishing grounds. There is fishing both for the family and for the more experienced fisherman. The fishing license includes most rivers from Särna in the south to Grövelsjön and Flötningen in the north. Buy your fishing license at the reception at Idre Fjäll.

Tours only held between week 26-33.

In the reception you can also buy a fishing map over the area.

Hire a guide

The indigenous people if Idre of course know the best fishing waters. So regardless if you are an experienced fisher or this is your first time, you will surely have a better fishing experience if you go with one of our guides. Follow this link to learn more >>

Fly fishing

Storån is one of the most famous fishing rivers in Dalarna mentioned already in the 19th century. With a fishing license, you get access to the entire stretch of good flowing water.
Flyfishing areas in Storån: Upstream Hällsjön, Sognstupet - Klingforsen. The river holds both Trout and Grayling. Turn right after the police station in Idre and drive towards Foskros.
With Idre Fjäll as base you are close to other good fishing rivers as Grövlan, Sörälven, Österdalälven and Fjätälven.

All the services you need like food and restaurants you´ll find at Idre Fjäll. It´s also here you book your accommodation.

Family fishing in Idre

Together with the whole family, you´ll have an exciting fishing experience in the waters around Idre. Both Burusjön and Gränjestjärn are two good examples of water for family fishing.

Burusjön about 7 km north of Idre Fjäll below Nipfjället. We have both boats and canoes in Burusjön for rental through Intersport.

Gränjestjärn is located about 2 km to the north of Idre Fjäll. You buy a special fishing license at the reception depending on how many fish you want to catch.