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Experience the Sámi culture in Idre

Ren i grönska

Summer 2018

Idre Sami village is Sweden's southernmost reindeer herding area of ​​about 2,700 reindeers, divided into four operational units.

Now you have the opportunity to experience the Sami culture here in Idre. Get a glimpse into a reindeer keeper's everyday life and listen to tales, myths and stories about Sami life.

Taste of Sápmi

Do you want to experience the Sami cuisine and have an experience for all your senses? During 2-3 hours we will tell stories about the fantastic sami culture and the sámi cuisine, while enjoying a variety of Sami dishes made over the fire. An experience that you will remember for a long time and it fits perfectly for special occasions or anniversaries.
June 25-August 19: Monday, 18.00
Price: 650 SEK / person. (Children's rates, contact us)


The Sami eight seasons

Together with our tamed reindeer we will hike to one of our tipis (this tour is suitable for both children and those who are having some trouble hiking) In the tipi we will tell you about the life as a reindeerherder during our eight seasons, drink coffee the same way, and enjoy different sámi delicacies.
June 25-SAugust 19: Wedneday,14.00-16.00
Price: 390 SEK/adult, 250 SEK/5-12 years, 150 SEK/2-5 years

Hiking together with reindeers

Experience the reindeer up close, when we hike together into a historical forest and learn about the sami culture. Enjoy coffee and different delicacies from the sámi cousine.
June 25-August 19: Tuesday and Thursday 14.00-16.00.
Price: 390 SEK/adult, 250 SEK/5-12 years, 150 SEK/2-5 years

Reindeer - the most fantastic animal

Meet our tamed reindeer, feed them and be fascinated by stories about how fantastic reindeer are- fully adapted to the artic climate. Did you know that they can see things our eyes can´t?!
June 25-August 19: Tuesday-Thursday, 10.00-11.00.
Price: 140 SEK

Ol Antas old settlement

In the early 1900s, Ol Anta was living on the western side of Grövelsjön to guard the borderline into Norway. We will visit his settlement and be fascinated to stories of his life. In the summer of 2016 we, together with an archeologist, found another old settlement that we will visit on this trip.

Bring your own lunch, and we will offer you the Sami way of drinking coffee.
June 25-August 19: Friday, 11.00-14.00
Price: 490 SEK/person.


Registration at the reception at Idre Fjäll

Meeting point in Storsätern at the shop "Renbiten", about 35 km from Idre Fjäll.

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