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Skills area and pump track

barn i skills area

Summer 2018

Jump All bikers know it tickles in the stomach to jump with the bike and here we have created two lines of various difficulty. The easier with a shorter plateau and a flatter kick, while the little harder has a long plateau and a bit steeper kick. Both can be rolled over, and provides good visibility for the biker.

Drop In the forest, there are often height differences, it could be rocks or roots. We call this a drop. We have built two lines to practice drop in succession. The easier is like high curbs, while the little harder is about 30 cm high.

Balance Training Flat loggs in varying difficulties to balance on. Just train balance control on your bike or challenge your friend in who will come furthest without cycling off.

Stone steps A stone coffin that you can ride on from two directions, down or up. Stone steps will train your balance, track choice, speed control and technique.

Pump Track with velodrome curves and terrain waves. The technique is to gain speed with the help of ground waves, then you have to keep up with the curves. A challenge for the whole family, big or small.