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Biking trails- green, blue, red

Cyklist i solen

Biking Trails

The cycle paths on Idre Fjäll are marked with a similar color system used in the winter. Along the trails there are picnic areas and all the trails are unidirectional.

The green trails are our easiest. We have adapted them so that first-time bikers will have a good experience. No steep ascents or descents, the trail is about 80 cm wide and smooth without large rocks or roots. But just because it is smoothed out, it is not boring, we promise challenges and experiences that makes you want more.

Skills area

A practice area where you can practice jumps, cornering, balance or simply because it's a lot of fun. There are two levels of difficulty and it is built in wood and stone. Stone coffins can be cycled both downhill and uphill as technique training. The Pumptrack is located next, making it easy to spend many enjoyable hours here. On the Pumptrack you can pump your way around without pedaling. Our goal is that many will dare to try and cope with new challenges.

See price list for trail pass

Lilla slingan - Little loop 4 km (green trail)

A great trail to start with or to get to know your rented bike. Starting in the square and turning off at the left at the entrance to the Killevippen.

The trail begins with a wide smooth trail in 500 meters and then continues on the illuminated track for about 600 meters. Then it turns out on a trail for about 1.1 km and crosses some small bridges and then some downhill biking before a bit of climbing.

After the uphill, it continues on the illuminated track for 500 meters. At the wind shelter, the trail goes to the left and leads onto a small and fast gravel road. After about 550 meters the trail enters a path to the right. When you get back on the track again, just keep moving back to start.

New for this year is that we have marked a connecting road that is about 500 meters up to the new green trail that goes up to the Pumptrack and our Skills area.

Fjället Runt - Around the Mountain 7.5 km (green trail)

This trail takes you a lap around the mountain itself. You cycle on a gravel road all the time. For those who want, there is a chance to try the blue trail that has run outs from Fjället Runt.

At Fjällrunt you can see a lot of beautiful nature at your own pace. A green joint is quite flat, and this trail goes along a gravel road. The trail is approximately 80 cm wide and all bike tracks are single-directional, so you do not have to worry about meeting or crashing.

Blå led - Blue trail 10.5 km

The blue trail is 10.5 km and runs around the mountain just like the green trail Fjället Runt. The blue trail begins on the green trail from the square and then turns off and continues around the mountain. It has 7 strands that are adapted to be blue level. The difference between green trails and blue trails is slope, which makes it a little faster and that the curves are more dosed to keep up. There are also terrain waves and smaller jumps. Our blue trails fit the whole family as well as the experienced cyclist, the difficulty depends on how fast you cycle.

The first section starts on the Nya Gröna trail and is a lighter climb with less challenges on the road. It follows a gravel road for about 800 m and then comes "Sagoskogen"(The fairy tale forest) which is easy to cycle and then sweep through the forest as a taste of what will happen to the next stage "AllaKan"(Everyone Can).

After the "Sagoskogen" is the 600 meter gravel road up to "AllaKan". This is the third stage on the blue trail and it starts with a climb that crosses bridges and along the mountain side to the resting place in stunning forests with huge trees and traces forest fires a long time ago. When finished resting, it will be a running cycle, first on "AllaKan" with dosed curves and larger terrain waves and then on our next stretch, "Jippi".

The "Jippi" trail offers a little different character with stone constructions to challenge and maintain. Bit of quick cycling and bumpy cycling. The down hill is a total of about 1500 meters. After this section it is about 1 km on a gravel road to then enter the section "NorrSkogen"(The north forest). Here the landscape is stagnant after the inland ice. It starts with a little up hill before it turns into long beautiful, sweeping turns through sparse pine forests. Along the trail there are well-placed challenges for the blue cyclist in the form of stepdowns and jumps, which you can easily roll over or get some air under the wheels at a little higher speed.

Immediately after "NorrSkogen", the trail "UppSkaDu"(Up you go) starts, it is about 900 meters, and initially crosses the marshland and then climbs upwards. Just before crossing the "LiteTill"(A little more) trail for 900 meters, you cycle over a wooden bridge. Here is a good idea to take a picture with the mountain Städjan in the background. "LiteTill" takes you back to the Pump track and then down through the horse pastures on the Green Trail.

Slättvåla 13 km (red trail)

Is our longest trail and also one of the most demanding that takes you all the way to Slättvåla.

From the square, the trail goes down the blue Askeleden. When you reach the valley station for the chair lift West 6-chair(Väst 6:an), the climb begins. The first slope is long and afterwards there will be a fast part with a slight downhill before uphill towards the top of Slättvåla. Here is the trick not to walk even if it gets heavy because it's about 150 meters hight climbing.

When you arrive, a long downhill is the awaiting reward. A wide natural trail with elements of stone and roots. The trail comes to the bottom of the Ostbackarna. Now it's a fairly fast dirt road. During the summer we will dig a new trail, Norrskogen, between east and north, which hopefully opens in the fall.

When the gravel road leads to the northern hills, the trail rounds the valley station to the North 6-chair(Nord 6:an) and turns out onto the marsh on a nice stretch before it starts climbing on the trails "UppSkaDu"(Up you go) and "LiteTill" (A little more).

All along these trails there are barriers to balance and some rock formations to challenge yourself with. The trail goes up a serpentine road to be a little bit easier. When you arrive, you are at the Pump Tracks and Skills area.