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Snow Park

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Idre Snowpark 2018/2019

If you're looking for a skiing holiday filled with freestyling on snowboards, skis and twin tips, you've come to the right place. Idre Fjälls snowpark gives you fat jumps and long rails, in four different levels of difficulty.

Here, skiers of all levels can get outlet for their action minds among jumps, rails, boxes and other fun. The snow park is located by itself and has two own lifts that only serve the park skiers.

SLAO Snowpark

Our park complies with Skidförbundets and SLAO's requirements for a snowpark, which means that it is pisted and marked every day. SLAO stands for The Swedish Liftresorts Organisation and is the industry and association of ski resorts. They work for fun and safe skiing experiences.

Jump and freestyle in different difficulty levels

In the park there are four lines of the same difficulty as our other backs; green, blue, red and black, something that suits everyone. Rail on long rails or make cool jumps.

Safety rules in the hill and the park

SLAO has developed "Yellow book" which is a collection of rules and tips for anyone enjoying ski resorts. Among other things, everyone who skis in areas with downhill skiing and snowparks should:

  • Pay attention and show consideration
  • Just stop in places where you are visible to other riders
  • Help in case of accident
  • Report to the staff if something happens or need to be addressed
  • Drive a slow ride the first time for the day to see what the track looks like today and if something happened in the park or hill.
  • Keep your line in the park, do not criss cross

You can find SLAO's Yellow book in full by clicking here >>

Tips for beginners

The snow park can be fun, but the first time it may seem a little confusing and dangerous. Make sure you have some experience in some red pistes before taking on a snow park and always start with the easyest options.

Pay attention to who is in the park and what they are doing or seem to plan to avoid a crash. It is safer to behave predictably in all slopes. Study others in the park while waiting for your trip, how fast they go in and out of the challenges on the track.

Do not go too close behind another rider, if the rider falls you will both crash. Wait until the rider before you get out of the landing area before starting to ski.

Everyone learns in security equipment. Invest in a good helmet above all. Do not be fooled by the professionals who seem to be able to do all the tricks completely without security equipment. It's very bad to hit or hit the hard surfaces of the snowpark and you can really hurt yourself.

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