Training at Idre Fjäll

Joy of movement

Complement a day at the mountain bike with a Tabata workout, or why not soften the body with water gymnastics. Our instructors spread joy and energy!

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Gathering place training

The activity center and the gym are located on the walkway between the Pernilla Wiberg Hotel and the Square.


Tabata is an intense strength workout with cardio training where we use the body as a tool. The workout is suitable for both beginners and exercise-experienced persons.

Price: 70 kr/person


Join us for a sweaty boxing pass in the sports hall! We train in pairs with gloves and mittens. Are you a beginner? No problem! 

Price: 70 kr/person

Water gymnastics

Gentle but sweaty! Our instructor will help you get your heart rate up in our water gym.

Price: 80 kr/person

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