River rafting or high ropes?

An adventure is something that challenges the participants and that creates strong experiences. It can be an unusual and exiting experience, either planned or spontaneous. The adventures at Idre Fjäll are of the planned kind, we offer adventures with river rafting and at the high ropes area, but even if they are planned, they still offer challenges and strong emotions. 

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The high ropes area at Idre Fjäll

Try one of this summer's must adventurous activities! In the high ropes area, there are 3 different tracks at between 1 and 10 meters height. Here, everyone in the family can find a challenge! Past the high ropes area, you find the shooting track, with 8 different stations where you can shoot and throw, if you prefer to stay on the ground.

In the high ropes area, you can buy ice cream, soft drinks and other things to restore your energy. The kiosk is open when the high ropes area is open.

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Gathering place high ropes area

You find the high ropes area next to Fäboden, next to Västbacken and just above the center station. You can walk here from the Square.

Our high ropes tracks and activities

The green track - 140 kr/person

A height challenge for the youngest! The green track consists of seven stations at 2 meters height. Balance over slack-lines, climb through tunnels and walk across a spider web. From 4 years old.

The blue track -180 kr/person

For the ones who have outgrown the green track but can't quite reach the height limit for the read one. The blue track has 8 stations and a ropeway at 4 to 6 meter height. Here you can find the hanging bridge, the net tunnel and the pine tree.

The red track -240 kr/person

Our most adventurous track! The red track has 13 stations and 3 ropeways at between 4 and 10 meters height. Get through all objects to move on to our 3 ropeways of which the highest is 90 meters long!

Shooting track - 120 kr/person

At the shooting track you get to try different kinds of shooting and throwing weapons at our 8 different stations. Compete against each other at the different stations at your own speed. Here you get to try paintball, throwing axe, bow and arrow and bow-pipe among other things. Drop-in, no booking.

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Our river rafting tours

Follow our experienced guides at one of our fantastic river rafting tours! Bring your family or friends to one of the summer’s best experiences!

Looking for classic river rafting? Idre Fjäll offers rafting for all ages. If everyone in the group is 14 years or older we strongly recommend Trysilturen, for best possible experience. We believe that Trysilturen is our best tour, with rivers in Femundsälven.

For our smallest guests we have Österdalälven, a nice family tour 15 kilometers from Idre Fjäll.

If you haven’t tried hot dog on river before it’s a must. This fun activity will bring a lot of laughter and the occasional swim.

New for this year is that we have Canyoning, closer to the river than this it’s hard to get.

Equipment and fika (a coffee and something small to eat) is included in all of our rafting tours.

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Gathering place river rafting

The rafting center is located next to Timmerkojan. Take left just before the bridge on your way up to Idre Fjäll and park next to the rulling hoops.

Idre Fjäll's river rafting tours

Trysil 990 kr/person

Our best river rafting tour! This tour starts in Norway and Femundsundet, 80 kilometers from Idre Fjäll. Here we paddle Femundsälven, which offers some of the coolest rivers the area has to offer. The route has 8 separate rapids and the longest is 750 meters! If the temperatures allow it there is possibilities to swim in the river! Afterwards we have hot chocolate and a snack.

Gløta - 580 kr/person

We drive to Femunden in Norway, 65 kilometers from Idre Fjäll. After a short paddle over the lake we reach the first rapid that is spectacular! Glötta is a scenic tour with some fun rapids. If the weather allows it we will see some majestic views over the mountain Rendalssölen when we have a snack after the tour.

Österdalälven - 480 kr/person

15 kilometers away from Idre Fjäll you can try our family tour which offers nice and calm rapids. Perfect for those who paddle for the first time! Here we focus on the smallest children, but it is a fun tour for the entire family. A lot of splash and play are promised. After the tour we will have a snack and a coffee.


Hotdog on Österdal - 580 kr/person

Come along on our family tour in inflatable two-man canoes (hotdogs) 15 kilometer away from Idre Fjäll. You paddle two and two and the guides offer instructions and tips. In a hotdog you get closer to the water, and every wave suddenly feels so much bigger. After the tour we will have a snack and a coffee.

Hotdog on Storån - 580 kr/person

An exiting tour 15 kilometers away from Idre Fjäll on one of northern Dalarnas most beautiful rivers. Paddle two and two in our inflatable two-man canoes (hotdogs). A challenge that brings laughter and the occasional swim.

This year's news!

Canyoning NEW - 990 kr/person

We go to Røafallene in Norway, 90 kilometers away from Idre Fjäll. Together with the guides you walk a trail along the river to then paddle under, jump down or slide into different waterfalls. A wet and exiting tour where you can choose on your own just how adventurous you want to get. Afterwards we eat lunch together.

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