A summer guided by caution & solidarity

The world is going through a crisis and still people go on vacation? It might seem strange, but not to us. We know how important recovery, nature and activity is for both mental and physical health. Maybe more so now than ever. 

This won't be a summer like before, but it will be an important one, where we as representatives for the tourism industry carry a great responsibility for providing our guests safe conditions. Our staff, the regional health care and the whole community are doing a great and important job, welcoming our guests. 

As we now welcome our guests to our mountains, and our colleagues back to work, we have one important plea: Let's go into the summer guided by caution and solidarity.

Caution, where we all show consideration for our safety as well as our health care resources nation wide. Where we make choices - bid and small - with caution in mind and not put anyone in harms way. 

Solidarity, where we show respect for everyones decisions and needs. Where we take care of each other and make sure we all have a great summer ahead, whether you visit or work in the mountains. 

Welcome to the Swedish mountains.

Book with insurance

We have lot's of space and have adjusted our daily operations to be safe and follow all guidelines and safety measures. Our accommodation is open for guests from June 1st and we have adjusted our booking terms for the summer season. 

If you book with a cancellation insurance, the following applies:

  • You can cancel your trip without a medical certificate up until 21 days before arrival date. Idre Fjäll will only keep the cancellation insurance fee (SEK 350). 
  • You can still cancel your trip up until arrival date, but if less than 21 days remain to arrival, a medical certificate is required, since Idre Fjäll are obliged to reimburse cabin owners in case of late cancellations. 
  • Activities, trail passes & lift passes may be cancelled free of charge up untill arrival date 

Adventure activities in the mountains

We love adventures, high and low, wet and dry. Challenge yourself in our high ropes area or come with us river rafting. Here, most people can get the adrenalin flowing. A sense of harmony will arrive after a day of outdoor adventures and what could possibly be better than to finish the day with a coffee boiled on an open fire?

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Mountain bike flow

Bike through sago forests, mountain views and golden sunset. Behind every crest waits a new scenery, a new trail ready to be discovered. We put down love on our bike trails and in turn they offer flowy curves and unforgettable nature experiences. Come and share our love to the nature with us!

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Experience the wilderness during a mountain hike

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Take a cozy day and pet the animals at Fäboden

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Longing for summer in the mountains?

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Sami culture

The Sami people are one of the worlds indigenous people and Europes only native people. Here you can learn more about the culture, about reindeers and reindeer herding. At summer the reindeers wander back up on the mountain to grass and the beautiful animals are a memorable sight to see.

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Spela video

Discover your wilderness soul

When you stand on the top of Idre Fjäll you are in the middle of the sunset with a view straight in to the wild. From here you can walk right into your summer dreams, right out in the nature. Bears, moose and reindeer roam freely in the mountains. Here, you have the wild water that invites you to adventure, but also the calm tranquillity you can feel in a kayak. Here, we get to experience the nature in the mountains for real.

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Golf in the mountains

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Training & movement

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