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Destination Idre is stronger than ever this winter

Visitors in the Idre area this winter can look forward to a never before seen range and quality of skiing.

The three alpine skiing resorts Idre Fjäll, Fjätervålen and Idre Himmelfjäll team up to offer Idrepasset - a skipass that opens up 77 slopes of high quality and variation for the skiing enthusiasts. 

”We estimate about 600 000 skiing days in the area this winter and we will work hard to maintain our recognized piste quality in all of our pistes. Our collaboration where Idre Fjäll will vouch for the preparation of Idre Himmelfjäll's slopes is one example. Idre as a skiing destination really challenge the big players in the industry. The skiing areas complement each other in a really good way and together we will offer real good skiing for all tastes" says Andreas Starenhed, MD at Idre Fjäll.

Three resorts - one skipass - one destination
The destination offers three completely different types of ski resorts, with Idre Fjäll as the alpine giant of Idre with a history spanning over 50 plus years as one of Sweden's biggest ski resorts. Fjätervålen offers skiing of high international standard, with the highest peak and long, wide slopes and finally Idre Himmelfjäll as the newcomer, offering long, winding forest slopes. 

”I'm incredibly thankful that we can join this shared effort to offer one skipass for all three resorts already, during our first winter" says Torbjörn Wallin, MD, Idre Himmelfjäll. 

”Fjätervålen and Idre Fjäll have a successful record of offering a shared skipass and adding Idre Himmelfjäll to this is something I see as yet another positive step towards our shared vision to make Idre a dominating destination. Together we are stronger” Hans Ericsson, MD at Fjätervålen concludes.

Have any questions? Contact Tommy Halvarsson, Marketing manager at Idre Fjäll. 


Tommy Halvarsson

Communication & Marketing

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