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Idre Fjäll Race Arena

November 6th - December 20th

Book your Ski pass and Track pass

Groups and clubs that have booked accommodation at Idre Fjäll for pre-season training from November 6th to December 20th can purchase their Ski passes and Track passes online. This can be done either as a group/club or completely individually.

When booking Ski passes or Track passes over the phone or by email instead of online, only a 20% discount is provided, and all bookings for the entire club must be consolidated into a single reservation (with an additional 39 SEK invoice fee).

Season pass

All disciplines

Season passes with club discounts can be purchased via email and phone until December 20, 2023.

Email grupp@idrefjall.se
Phone +46253 - 412 00

Here's how it works

When you see an orange banner at the top of the page, it means the promo code is active. You can then book a Skipass/trackpass as usual. The products included in the offer have an orange mark in the search result.

Book your Skipass and Trackpass

Do you have any questions?

Please contact us!

Email: grupp@idrefjall.se | Phone: 0253 - 412 00