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Snow Rhythm

Snow Rhythm

Snow Rhythm is a cycling competition on snow that will take place on our ski cross course, with four riders in each heat. 

Participating in the competition or test cycling is free of charge, the only thing required is a ski pass (and – if you want to enroll in the competition – that you belong to a club and have a license issued by the Swedish Cycling Association. Please note! Cycling is only permitted in the area of ​​the ski cross course.

If you just want to try out cycling in the skicross course, without competing, you are welcome to do so (except for when the competition takes place) provided you use a full face helmet. 


What physical and technical skills are required?
The track basically requires good technical skill but it is not a purely downhill track. Both strength and physique are needed to be able to maintain the right speed all the way down. Jumps and supported turns are mixed with off-camber sections and some pedaling. The format is a mix between Short track, Downhill, BMX and Enduro.

What type of bike works best?
The entire race is consistent downhill, but never so steep that a pure downhill bike is really needed. Depending on the weather, the snow may become soft, so some pedaling will be required. If you set all your jumpes perfectly, a pump track bike can be given. But depending on your qualities and current weather, it may be wise to secure with suspension both back and front and a stroke corresponding to enduro bikes. If the snow is looser, it is also an advantage to use 29-inch wheels.

How are participants transported to the top?
There will be an anchor lift dedicated to all cyclists, along the track. The anchor is placed behind the seat post.

Is there bicycle storage?
The bikes can either be placed at your accommodation or in a storage room where bikes can be stored overnight.

Other questions? Send an email to our Snow Rhythm director: andreas.danielsson@idrefjall.se