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Mike Perry and E-type for the season finale

Winter is coming and this year Idre Fjäll invests big in entertainment, presenting a great list of acts for the 2019/2020 season.  

-We have always had a great range of fun events for the kids, but this year we have big plans for a wider target group, while also stepping up the kids' entertainment, says Tommy Halvarsson, marketing manager at Idre Fjäll.  

The best line up among ski resorts

The After ski concept grows and an impressive list of acts are ready for winter fun at Idre Fjäll. From the youngest to the grown ups - everyone will find their favourite!

- We will be tough to beat on the entertainment side this winter and we're looking forward to lot's of fun events for our guests. I'd say it's been a long time since any ski resort had such an impressive list of acts, says Tommy Halvarsson.

More winter news will be released shortly.
- Idre Fjäll is developing in many areas this winter and we believe our guests will note and enjoy some big changes. We're very excited about the upcoming winter season, says Tommy Halvarsson .

Winter acts on Idre Fjäll

December  25/12 Näääk
January 24/1 Mohombi | 31/1 Markoolio
March 13/3 Satan takes a holiday | 18/3 Dolly Style | 20 + 23/3 Pettson & Findus | 25/3 Adrian Macéus | 27/3 Emil Assergård
April 10/4 Kamferdrops | 10/4 Samir & Viktor | 11/4 Oscar Stembridge | 11/4 Theoz | 17/4 E-type | 18/4 Mike Perry